Facade cladding: wood replacement with low maintenance costs

Facade cladding: wood replacement with low maintenance costs

Wooden facade claddings are modern and trendy, while their traditional and warm charisma has been preserved at the same time. But they also bring a big disadvantage, since they are not particularly easy to clean. If they are colored, they must be repainted regularly. If they are natural, they will turn gray over time.

Facade cladding: wood replacement with low maintenance costs: wood

Wooden facade panels are easy to clean

As a substitute colored facade panels with wood grain are recommended as they represent an easy-to-clean and practical alternative to wood facades. The material made of fiber cement also has other advantages: it is fire-resistant, durable, does not rot and it does not need a regular repainting. Homeowners can choose from 29 color shades on Eternit's "Cedral" façade panels. With a new façade color, your building looks completely new and individual.

More effect through more color

When designing a façade, the colors white, beige and gray are always selected in most cases, although homeowners have the opportunity to design their buildings with a colored façade in a completely individual way. Strong colors are currently considered to be particularly trendy: warm colors such as red and orange are still highly valued. Blue and green are becoming more popular.

Colored facade panels immediately catch the eye

With a strong color, the building is given a completely new look, as the specialist for facades confirms, Jan R. Krause from Eternit: "Color has always played a key role in the façade, and every house is an eye-catcher with an appealing façade color."

Free design options

Facade panels offer a great deal of freedom in the design of the building: it is up to the homeowner to disguise the entire house with panels or to use them merely as gable clothing. Even at fences they make a good figure. The use of panels is also energy-efficient: the curtain-mounted, ventilated façade system can save energy. It also has a soundproofing effect and is close to all insulation thicknesses vs in specialist shops.

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