Facade coating with lotus effect

Of course, clean

Only a few years ago, the riddle of the always dirt-free lotus leaf to solve. Water droplets and also dirt particles are deposited on the microscopically finely structured leaf surface, which virtually prevents it from sticking

Facade coating with lotus effect: facade

Photo: Sto AG

According to the pitch of the sheet, the water drops roll over the dry surface. That's exactly how Lotusan works. Water can not wet the highly water-repellent surface and moves over them as drops.

Facade coating with lotus effect: facade

Photo: Sto AG

The rolling drops tears the loosely adhering dirt with it. The façade surfaces coated with lotusan - currently more than 30 million square meters worldwide - show the same process.

Facade coating with lotus effect: lotus

Photo: Sto AG

Dirt particles taken up by the water droplet are completely removed from the leaf surface. Rain cleans the lotus leaf and the lotusan façade with the forces of nature: dripping raindrops constantly removes the dirt. Microorganisms do not find nutrient or moisture and can not spread on either the lotus leaf or lotusan. Lotusan can therefore do without the usual biocide additives and is also otherwise pollutant-free. By the way, the TÜV has a steady eye

Facade coating with lotus effect: coating

Photo: Sto AG

Facade plaster with lotus effect

Clean and dry facades through plaster with lotus effect

Facade coating with lotus effect: effect

Now also as plaster - StoLotusan transfers the natural lotus effect into the world of facade plasters. The color lotusan has been around since 1999.

With StoLotusan there is now also one for the first time Plaster with lotus effect - So a dirt-repellent surface after the model of the lotus leaf. Its properties ensure that rainwater runs off most of the dirt on the facade, as well as algae and fungal spores. The product works without an additional coat of paint. At the same time, its high water vapor permeability promotes the maintenance of a dry and durable façade.

The dirt-repellent function of the facade paint Lotusan has proven its worth over many years on more than 20 million square meters of facade. Based on these positive experiences with the Lotus effect translated from nature into the technology, Sto engineers have now also developed a plaster with these properties: StoLotusan, a facade plaster with water and dirt repellent properties. He is especially suitable as final coating for energy-saving StoTherm facade insulation systems.

The combination of lotusan plaster and insulation combines economy with building-physical advantages: The plaster keeps the surface dry, prevents problematic moisture build-up in the substrate thanks to the very high water vapor permeability and ensures a clean look.

This will be alike the settlement of algae and mushrooms naturally difficult. All this makes the facade even more durable and therefore more economical, because the renovation cycles can be planned longer and can be dispensed with additional coatings.

The lotusan plaster is in three grits as scratch or as individually structurable modeling plaster Available in white and numerous matt shades.

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