Facade panels made of plastic

One of the simplest and most cost-effective variants for the cladding of a building are plastic facade panels. The cast panels are highly stable due to cross-braced cavity casting and are easy to process and assemble. The choice of design is unmanageably large and well thought out systems produce individual façade panels closed surfaces. In this way, imitations - such as wood, metal or stone - can produce an amazing "real" visual effect.

Synthetic plastics meet the requirements

In the production of plastic facade panels, five types of plastic are used. The most common is the polycarbonate, which is very suitable due to its enormous stability and temperature resistance. The polyester PET-A has similar properties. The well-known PVC is usually used only in the form of moldings or facade finishes. For facade panels, it is only partially suitable, since the color fastness is limited. Acrylic glass and EFTE films are also used as additional plastics for facade panels. Acrylic glass, however, has a large extent when heated and is usually used only in partially transparent and fully transparent plates. When installing plastic façade panels, special attention must be paid to thermal expansion, which requires adequate expansion joints or mechanical buffer zones.

Easy to clean and heat resistant

Façade panels do not need to be painted and get their color with appropriate UV protective coating over years. The plastics normally tolerate temperatures of minus twenty to plus sixty degrees Celsius. This allows for occasional cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner. Special admixtures can make the plastic plates insensitive to salty sea air and pests such as termites. The façade panels made of plastic often consist of material combinations in which a very durable surface is applied to a softer underlayer. The ease of assembly is easy and the facade panels are also well suited as fence or garage cladding. The facade panels are normally offered in dimensions of about one meter by fifty centimeters and the unit prices start at around 15 euros.

Facade panels made of plastic: panels

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