Renew the facade - with know-how and style

The façade of a house is already visible from afar, so a pity if it gives a visually ugly picture. Faint colors and smudges are a rather small problem, here a thorough cleaning of the façade with subsequent re-coating helps. But what if the plaster already peels off in some places or if algae and mold are involved? We point the way to the completely renewed facade!

Does the plaster of my facade have to be renewed?

Whether the plaster on the exterior facade needs to be completely renewed, you can determine by passing it a durability test: Tap the surface thoroughly for voids and loose areas; if something dissolves in many places, the plaster should be off.

Also, the tape test provides information about whether a renewal of the facade plaster is pending: Stick a sticky tape on, press it firmly on the wall and tear it off with a jerk: If the plaster loosens over a large area, he must go down.

Repair individual parts of the facade

If your exterior plaster only crumbles or cracks in a few places, you can treat the facade purely locally, instead of completely renewing everything. That's how it's done:

  • Remove the facade from loose dirt
  • remove crumbling plaster and loose paint with spatula
  • If necessary, prime any imperfections
  • pre-filling before filling
  • Fill holes
  • widen or reinforce wider cracks first
  • Then sprinkle cracks as well

Of course, if you want, you can now try to "patch" the flaws in the right color. However, this is not a particularly convincing result to expect, much better will be a complete repainting look.

Fight moisture, mold and algae

Sometimes, however, it is also necessary, before the façade is actually renewed, to perform some sealing work and to dry the walls. If mold has already formed, expert work is usually required to completely kill the fungus.

Algae can sometimes be mechanically removed from the house wall, with stubborn infestation help chemical agents. However, these should never get into groundwater! Hydrophobize your facade after algae control to prevent another infestation.

Tips & Tricks

Are you tired of your boring plaster facade? Maybe you would like to take the opportunity and decorate your house attractively with large-sized panels. Whether wood, stone, plastic or metal: certainly you will find your individual favorite look!

Artikelbild: ronstik / Shutterstock