Possibilities and suppliers for manhole rings made of concrete

Manhole rings made of concrete can also be used in the house and garden for the construction of wells, drainage systems or in general for vertical shafts. But there are also some other creative uses for concrete manhole rings. Here you will learn all about the possibilities of using the "Schachtringen", prices and standards.

Background information

Concrete manhole rings are precast concrete parts which are produced according to specific standards - namely according to DIN 4034-1 or DIN 4034-2. The different standards refer on the one hand to manhole rings with rebate and rabbet connection or manhole rings with sleeve and socket joint.

The biggest problem when processing manhole rings is their heavy weight - this almost always requires machine use. Alternatively, for some purposes, there are also manhole rings made of plastic, which are much lighter.

Current offers

Manhole concrete
Bottom ring, 1500 x 500 according to DIN 4034-2hoba-baustoffe.com281.54 EUR
Chess ring 800 x 250, according to DIN 4034-2, with cramponshoba-baustoffe.com38.07 EUR
Plastic manholes
Body, 55 x 55 x 55, plasticshop.strato.de112 EUR
Chute ring to DIN 1000 made of plastic, 100 mmromold.de581 EUR

What to look for when buying? / Recommendations

When it comes to standardization, you must pay attention to whether it is the "old" standard DIN 4034 or the new standard - the experts are not entirely in agreement on the validity of the withdrawn DIN 4034 standard.

Further information on the topic:

  • Instructions for a herb tree using a chess ring: LINK
  • Wikipedia article Brunnenbau (shaft well): LINK

Fire pit build from a concrete manhole ring

If you want to set up a great campfire fire pit or the summer sausage and stick bread grill in your back yard, you can do it well with a chess ring and stones placed around it. But also pay attention to the soil condition and take care accordingly - under certain circumstances, there may be a fire hazard here as well.

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