Factors for the durability of wooden windows

Amazingly, the durability of wooden windows has steadily decreased since the 1950s. While historical buildings from previous centuries have in some cases reached a lifespan of more than one hundred years, modern wooden windows have a lifespan of up to fifty years. There are different reasons for this.

Wood species and storage

If you buy modern wooden windows, you naturally have the choice between quality windows and cheap products, as with all products. In addition to the processing and high quality accessories, the wood species is the decisive criterion for durability.

Wood is also a living building material when processed and reacts to environmental influences such as temperature and humidity. Therefore, it is important on the one hand, from which layer of soil the wood consists and on the other hand, the sufficient deposition after cutting. While in former times only heartwood was used, which was deposited for at least several months, in some cases even years, before processing, the wood was able to exploit its best qualities.

Factors for the durability of wooden windows: wooden

Rime wood and wood species

For economic reasons, wood is nowadays usually allowed to have shorter storage times and the heartwood is supplemented by so-called mature wood, which forms the layer between core and sapwood in some tree species. Rime wood has a lower durability than heartwood and reacts more strongly to external influences.

There are typical native woody plants, which are called Kernreifholzbäume. These include ash, elm and willow. The wood of pure heartwood trees, which only uses heartwood in the production of wooden windows, such as sweet chestnut, oak and robinia, can reach lifetimes of more than one hundred years. The same applies to non-European woody plants such as mahogany, teak and wenge.

Locking mechanism, glazing and wood treatment

In addition to the raw material, the processing of wooden windows plays a decisive role. The glazing should be mounted in the frame by putty. The suspension and locking mechanism must be designed for the weight of the wings to be moved.

Very important is the treatment of the wood. Ideal, as required in monument protection, the exclusive use of linseed oil and linseed oil paint for impregnation and for the colored painting of the window frames.

Tips & Tricks

When you create a window-shopping checklist, you also define the lifespan and calculate it, taking into account the cost of replacing it earlier.

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