The factors for prices of steel stairs

The prices for steel stairs are in addition to the number of stages of the steel used, the type of galvanizing, the nature of the step treads and design together. In addition, equipment features such as platforms, widths, plastic sheathing, frost resistance, railings and canopies must also be taken into account.

Differences for indoor and outdoor stairs

In general, structural steels of different quality grades are used for all load-bearing parts in metal staircases. Other metals such as iron, aluminum, brass and so-called metallic semi-finished products do not provide the required properties. However, they are installed, for example, as step treads or railing components in order to lower the prices for the overall construction.

While ordinary structural steel is protected against corrosion by stainless steel treatments, stainless steel is corrosion free due to the stainless steel grades used. The prices for stainless steel stairs are in comparable versions between one third and half higher than that for ordinary structural steels.

A general price difference arises from the location of the steel staircase. The price of an external staircase made of steel is comparatively higher, because the steel grade and processing must withstand the weather and regular humidity. In addition, there are often special static requirements to be able to withstand strong winds and storms.

Optical work-up and savings stairs

The prices for interior stairs are also determined in particular by optical criteria. Special surface work and individual shapes are reflected above all in the time required for the production and installation costs for staircase construction.

A special feature applies to the prices for so-called economy staircases, where the term does not refer to money, but expresses the space-saving form. Spartrepairs are more expensive due to the manufacturing effort and the usually expensive installation proportional to the price of "normal" staircases. A typical example is the price for a spiral staircase.

Price examples for precast stairs

  • Six-step string staircase with perforated metal panels and one-sided railing as a kit for bolted assembly 800 to 1500 euros
  • Elfstufige staircase with the same structure and the same equipment 1200 to 1800 euros
  • Central spar made of galvanized structural steel, two-stage base element 120 to 150 euros, each additional step about 50 euros extra
  • Pedestal for steel staircase about one square meter performance area about 250 euros
  • Flat steel bolster with 15 to 20 steps ready for assembly without labor costs about 6000 Euro

Tips & Tricks

Get price estimates for metal stairs from Poland as well. Many manufacturers have specialized in the German market.

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