Falzbiber, the lesser known form of plain tile

Although the plain tile is a classic - the Falzbiber is probably not. For this less well-known tile shape also has its particular applications. More about this tile form, as well as sources and prices can be found here in this post.

Falzbiber - a special form of the classic beaver

In addition to the classic forms, such as the southern German beaver, the Berlin or the Saxon beaver, there are also some special forms - such as the longer and narrower tower beaver or the Rautenspitzbiber.

The Falzbiber is also a special form and a variant of the classic beaver forms. He is often used today in renovations but also in other cases, which is related to its special properties.

Falzbiber, the lesser known form of plain tile: known

The advantages of the hempen

  • about 30% less cost of production than the classic beaver
  • can be laid in single cover instead of double cover
  • Alternative, where double coverage is not possible for static reasons
  • due to the lower material consumption, an alternative to cheaper roof tiles, such as the Frankfurt pan.

For the laying of throats, the dressing of dormer windows or similar purposes, however, the Falzbiber is not suitable because it loses its flexibility in such installations.

In terms of price, the rebate beaver is a bit cheaper than the classic beaver - in addition, the smaller piece requirement per area comes from single cover instead of double cover.

Sources of supply on the Internet

  • koramic.com: The manufacturer offers only clay tiles and accessories - but a huge range of different brick models.
  • bausep.de: At the online building materials dealer, there are some Falzbiber in the range
  • dachziegel.de: The specialist in everything related to roof tiles, offers a very wide range of different roof tiles - in addition there is also a wealth of useful information about bricks and roofs.

That way you can save costs

Always compare the prices - but also compare different brick types. For example, flat tiles can often be cheaper than smaller formats. Cheaper than beaver tails are often the simpler alternatives such as the Frankfurter Pfanne, but often not so durable.

Tips & Tricks

For a brick type, always take the square footage when comparing prices.

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