Dreamlike: How to green your facade properly!

A touch of romance is in the air: The green-rimmed facade looks just wonderful, it scores with a magical naturalness. You would like to pack your house or garage similarly appealing? Please note that this can also lead to problems if the project is not professionally tackled: For orientation, we have summarized the most important advices for you!

Self-climbers and scaffolding climbers: a decisive difference!

If you want to green your façade, you are usually faced with the question: should it be a self-climber or a scaffolding climber? The former variant initially seems easier and more convenient, since these plants do not need any climbing aids except for the facade itself.

But those who look more closely discover the catch on the matter: Most self-climmers form so-called "fleeting instincts", which not only cling to the outside of the façade but penetrate them as deeply as possible. Facades with joints and pores are so quickly penetrated.

Heavy lures like the blue rain can strangle a gutter and lift a shed roof. So choose your self-climber wisely - and never offer the plants a sensitive composite thermal insulation system as a substrate!

The right scaffolding for the climbing plant

Anyone who decides against greening their façade with a self-climber must offer the scaffolding climbing plant a suitable framework. This should be based on the growth of the respective plant and be anchored wind-resistant.

That costs a properly assembled plant scaffolding

Many homeowners decide to have their plant scaffold assembled by a professional. This is how they make sure that the trellis helps to last and the plant is really useful. The prices are approximately between 80 and 140 euros per square meter.

Care for the green facade

At first, the plants are still small, but with luck they grow a good deal year after year. Most climbers need only little irrigation, in spring they like to feed their appetite with organic fertilizer.

Check regularly if the plants are growing in the right direction; it may be necessary to realign one or the other shoot. There is also at least one pruning every year to keep windows and doors clear and maintain a clean look.

Tips & Tricks

Strongly growing plants often require additional supports on their scaffolding. Always play it safe and be professionally advised so that your facade greening is not a failure!

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