Fantastic! 9 simple ways to build a wine rack yourself

There's nothing like enjoying a fine drop of grape juice, whether it's parallel to the meal or quite cozy in the evening before going to bed. It gets really nice, if the wine bottle has been attractively decorated before and was clearly visible on the shelf, where it sparked anticipation from a very long hand. After all, a high-quality wine is not only a real treat, but would also like to be a real feast for the eyes. We have looked at the most beautiful self-built wine racks - and present them here to imitate!

How should wine be stored?

First of all, the most important thing: a wine bottle should be stored in the long term and not stand, professional wine racks are designed accordingly. The horizontal storage keeps the cork moist and tight from the inside.

However, there are currently more and more bottles with screw caps on the market that do not require a horizontal storage. But let's be honest: Liegeregale for wine look much more aesthetic and give us a good overview of the existing products.

If you want to store your wine for more than a few weeks, it is best to choose a location that is 8 to 12 degrees cool and has a fairly high humidity. However, the vine juice intended for consumption can easily be placed in the middle of the living room or in the kitchen.

Now for the exciting part: the most beautiful wine shelves for DIY!

Basically, it takes neither much material nor special know-how to build your own bottle rack. Normally, the whole thing is not expensive either, rather the opposite. For these reasons, the DIY process is especially recommended at this point!

Build wine racks yourself - with wall mounting

The wall mounting is particularly suitable where there is no space for more standing furniture. However, a hanging wine rack also offers such a beautiful view that it can simply pass through as an attractive decoration.

1. Quite simple: rods on the wall

The simplest variant is to always drill two holes just next to one another in the wall and to insert rods of wood or metal about 20 to 25 cm long. Choose the distance so that there is always room for a wine bottle.

You will be amazed how aesthetically this simple room decoration works, if only on all bars a bottle was positioned! And you have saved a lot of money for an expensive wine rack from the furniture business.

2. boards with rings

A second possibility is to screw about 60 cm long, painted boards offset side by side to the wall and to provide them on the front with metal rings: above a wide ring to hold the bottle body, down a narrow ring.

Now you just put your bottles from the top into the holder, bottleneck down, and you've stored the wine perfectly: Until the next big thirst!

3rd shelf with sloping boards

Also very easy to construct and yet highly effective: The self-made wine rack with sloping boards. First, a large-format board comes to the wall, then join the narrow shelves to store the bottles.

Each board is only slightly wider than a wine bottle and slopes upwards at a gentle angle so that it can not roll out. For safety, you can of course craft a small fall protection.

4. Glass and bottle rack combined

If you like it a little more complex, construct a hanging shelf that holds not only wine bottles, but also the matching glasses. On the upper floor is the bottle storage area, below the suspension for the good crystal.

In this case, arrange the wine bottles with the opening facing forward. Limit the shelf to the front with a raised board that has semicircular openings at the top to accommodate the bottlenecks.

5. Build a triangle wine rack yourself

Something completely different! The triangular wine rack not only immediately catches the eye, it also proves to be extremely practical! Pitch three boards into a triangle in a pitched format, with holes in the top two that are as big as bottlenecks.

The bottom, horizontal board receives notches to hang the wine glasses while you simply put the wine bottles in the pre-drilled holes. In the middle of the triangle there is enough space for a nice deco object.

Build wine shelves yourself - as a piece of furniture

Many wine racks are designed so that they can stand on their own. And even in this case, it is not necessary to think too complicated and to lose yourself in a thousand details: The most beautiful self-made pieces are already very simple anyway!

6. Two perforated boards - one shelf

Two boards of the same size can quickly turn into a beautiful self-made wine rack: simply saw parallel holes in the two wooden plates, just a little larger than a wine bottle body.

Then connect the two boards at a distance of about 15 cm, preferably with solid wooden blocks. Paint everything beautifully and put the bottles in: done!

7. The can artwork

Round cans of all sizes are always a great way to make something out of it. In this case, we want to make a wine rack out of them: for this we need some bottomless cans and lids that are big enough to hold a wine bottle body. Smaller containers serve as intermediate pieces.

However, first coat all the cans inside and out in your desired color, let the coating dry well, and then glue the containers together to form an upright piece of art, with the openings always aligned horizontally. Put your wine bottles in there.

8. Stick shelf

Rods can be inserted not only in walls, but also in thick wooden boards: Take a plate in the right format for your hand, build a simple support that it is slightly inclined, and then insert rods on the front.

The 20 to 25 cm long bars always arrange in pairs, so you can put a wine bottle on it. Give this self-built wine rack a rustic touch as possible, to create real country house flair.

9. The X-shelf for the big wine supply

A good deal of wine fits in a so-called X-shelf: Build yourself first, a box-shaped standing shelf with square compartments. Then put X-shaped planks in each of the compartments, creating four triangular openings each.

In these triangular compartments, bottles of wine can be easily stacked, roughly in the lowest corner, right up to the roof. In addition, you can certainly plan a normal shaped shelf to accommodate glasses and dishes.

The wine bar: a particularly stylish solution

Lastly, only the wine bar to mention, a particularly elegant way to present your best drops in the living room! A really nice idea is to turn a discarded wine barrel into a cabinet that contains some wine bottles and the glittering crystal.

A really humorous solution is to slaughter an old tube TV and turn it into a wine bar, which also looks pretty nostalgic on the side.

You may also want to jump on the Shabby Chic train and build your own wine cabinet made of pallets or fruit crates, just as you dreamed it would. Basically everything is possible in this area, which pleases.

Make the self-built wine rack visually appealing

If you have succeeded in building your own wine rack yourself, you may end up missing the sparkling idea of ​​how the exterior can be spiced up a bit. That's why we come here to conclude with a few design options that really catch your eye!

Flame woodblackish shades
Glaze woodbeautiful color incl. grain
Stain woodnatural color shading
Wood grow / oilnoble matte shimmer
Paint woodcolor transformation
Foil the surfaceChange object completely optically
Paper the surfaceeffective cladding
Veneer surfacevisual enhancement
Paint the surfaceindividual motives and patterns
decoupagelight and airy professional motifs

In this list, the imagination goes on its own like traveling! This allows a surprising number of design ideas to be realized, from the emphasis on natural wood structures to complete covering of the substrate.

Choose a variant to not only build your personal wine rack yourself, but also to make it as individual as possible according to your own preferences. That prepares long lasting joy!

Tips & Tricks

Of course, these inspirational ideas and suggestions are not just for wine racks. Basically, you can also create a whiskey or liqueur rack in a similar way or get creative impulses for other pieces of furniture. Thoughts are free!

Product Image: Rhonda Ann / Shutterstock

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