Mount the faucet - what to look for

In and of itself, the installation of a faucet is quite easily possible. But you should definitely pay attention to a few things. In addition, it is important to make sure you buy the right fitting for the right job before you buy it. Everything you should know to install a faucet, read here.

Choosing the right fitting

There are two main groups of valves: high pressure and low pressure fittings. Low-pressure fittings are essential if you use a boiler for hot water. They reduce the pressure of the water pipe and lead the water into the boiler with only a small pressure.

Boilers are extremely sensitive to pressure. The water pressure of around 2 - 3 bar in the house installation would not cope with a boiler. If you would connect a high-pressure fitting to the boiler, it could burst.

Proper connection of the low-pressure fitting

Low-pressure fittings can be reliably recognized by their technical equipment. You always have three ports:

  • the cold water connection for the fitting
  • the cold water inlet for the boiler
  • the hot water return from the boiler

The individual connections are always marked in color. The colors are blue, red and white. The blue marked cold water connection is connected to the cold water pipe in the wall. The hot water supply (red) is connected to the outlet of the boiler, the cold water return (usually white) comes to the supply line of the boiler.

All connections must be tightened carefully and checked for leaks. Due to the color coding, connection errors are virtually eliminated.

High Pressure Fittings

If a central hot water supply is provided, the connection of a high-pressure fitting is sufficient. It has only two lines that are connected to the hot water and cold water supply. Even with a water heater high pressure valves are used.

They withstand pressures up to 10 bar, but at 5 bar at rest, the valve is already heavily loaded and can possibly cause permanent damage. The pressure in the house installation should therefore not be higher than 3 - 5 bar if possible. In high-rise buildings with a central pressure booster, however, the pressure may be very high for the lower parties.

Connect a lever mixer

Fittings are available as a two-lever or as a single-lever mixer. Single lever mixers offer some benefits in terms of water consumption.

For the connection the same things apply as already said above. Single-lever mixers are also available in high-pressure or low-pressure construction, and the right fitting must also be connected here.

Attachment of the fitting

The washbasin can be easily attached to the washbasin, but often a hole has to be cut in the kitchen sink in the kitchen area. There are special hole cutters for that. The fitting is then simply inserted through the hole and simply screwed down using a water pump pliers until it sits securely and stably.

Tips & Tricks

For appliances under the sink, it must be determined with certainty whether it is a water heater or a hot water tank (under-counter unit)!

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