An artificial leather sofa needs little care

The low maintenance effort is one of the most valued arguments for the imitation leather sofa in addition to the price. However, the cover layer of plastic has the weak point of a material-related limited durability. In addition to optical maintenance and the elimination of acute soiling, the sealing process helps against the aging process.

Almost as easy to care about

It sounds almost a bit unlikely, but matches the facts. An artificial leather sofa does not have to be groomed near to. Of course, soiling is removed for aesthetic reasons. Dust layers are similar to other furniture with a dry cloth to remove well.

There is one single care product that should by no means be ignored or forgotten. A material property of imitation leather is the increasing brittleness and sensitivity to strong physical stress with age. The cause can be found in the plasticizers that are in the top layer of imitation leather.

The plasticizers evaporate, which leads to increasing solidification of the plastics polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyurethane (PU). With a specific seal, the thinning is slowed down. Calculated over the entire lifetime, punctually applied seals can increase the durability of an artificial leather sofa by a third.

Do not confuse with leather

Other care measures such as regular moistening or alleged "softening" by kneading or applying Pflegetinkturen are ineffective. Frequently, artificial leather is equated with genuine leather and the corresponding care instructions and methods are adopted.
The artificial leather has its name only and exclusively due to the optical similarity. Materialtechnisch and substantially equal it is more of a cover or plastic tarpaulin.

So-called artificial leather balms remain on the surface like any other care product. They hardly affect the artificial leather as a material. The Abperlverhalten can be increased a little, which favors the impact of liquids faster. The artificial leather itself is air and waterproof and even longer standing liquid can not penetrate.

When cleaning a dirt film is removed on the surface. Although the special cleaning agents are often touted with additional functions such as the preservation of materials, this effect is not possible. If subsequent softening agents could be incorporated into the top layer, it is likely that a care effect would be used.

Tips & Tricks

Wipe your imitation leather sofa with a wet or damp cloth. If traces are left behind, they are superficially sticky dirt films, which, however, can be very persistent.

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