The features and prices of frost protection gravel

Outdoors, frost protection gravel is used as a drainage and as an attachment. It can be used both as an upper cover layer and as a relining. Sorting and weighting of grain size fractions is crucial, while prices are among the lowest among grape varieties.

The path of the water guarantees frost protection

In order to obtain a functioning and reliable antifreeze gravel, the behavior of the percolating water is the basic condition to prevent frost damage. The quality of a good frost protection gravel is expressed in the balance between high load capacity, a strong compaction ability and sufficient water permeability at the same time.

In addition to the infiltration of the water into the ground, the grit mixture of antifreeze gravel must produce a capillary breaking effect. It avoids the resurgence of the invaded water. The most even distribution of penetrated and percolating water must prevent any accumulation of water in one place. In frost, any amount of ice that freezes to ice becomes a small "blasting bomb".

Typical properties and exceptions

When sorting and mixing antifreeze gravel it is less important to the type of rock than to the mixing ratios that provide the required physical effectiveness. The following properties make a frost protection gravel:

  • Little to no shares of grain sizes below four millimeters
  • High proportion of small middle grain sizes between four and eight millimeters
  • For cover layers a total grain width of zero to 32 millimeters
  • For the substructure a total graining width of 0 to 63 millimeters

There are regional requirements for frost protection gravel, which may differ from standard products and grades. Heavily clayey soils, slopes and places susceptible to frost may require special modifications of the mixtures. In some cases, it may be necessary to increase the amount of fine gravel or even sand, or the frost protection gravel may have to be washed several times.

That's how much frost protection gravel costs
1 ton of frost protection gravel (grain size 0-6 mm) as bulk materialabout 7 EUR
1 ton of frost protection gravel (grain size 0-32 mm) as bulk materialabout 14 EUR
1 ton of frost protection gravel (grain size 0-63 mm) as bulk materialabout 16 EUR

Tips & Tricks

If you are looking for frost protection gravel, do not buy it "off the shelf" if possible. A good building materials dealer or qualified gravel crew asks about the local conditions and the construction project.

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