Fees for the chimney sweep - an overview

For every job he does, the chimney sweep gets a set rate. However, this is sometimes different in the federal states. We therefore show an approximate value based on different countries.

Works of the chimney sweep

The fee schedule even provides certain values ​​for a reminder that the chimney sweep must write. This is for example about twelve euros expensive for the customer.

Various basic fees

The basic fees also occur when you commissioned another chimney sweep with the actual work.

  • Basic fee sweeping 11,00 Euro
  • Basic fee Emission measurement 4.20 Euro
  • Basic fee for checking and measuring 15,50 Euro

travel packages

The travel allowance that the chimney sweep is allowed to take does not depend on the distance he has to cover to his customer. In addition, he is allowed to charge a travel allowance no more than three times a year. This is priced just under 10,00 Euro.

Fees for sweeping

The sweeping will be charged for the first meter. It costs, for example, the sweeping of an exhaust pipe for the first meter about 8.50 euros. This applies including the cleaning opening and a change of direction. Each additional meter costs an extra 36 cents.

Chimneys that can be climbed from the inside make things even more complicated. Here are minute prices of just under one euro per started minute of working hours. These chimneys have at least a diameter of 1.60 meters.

emission measurements

These costs only apply to the individual measurement without an exhaust gas path check.

  • Emission measurement for liquid fuels 23,00 Euro
  • Emission measurement for gaseous fuels 18,00 Euro
  • Emission measurement for solid fuels 72,00 Euro

Uneven federal states

The chimney sweep fees are very different in some federal states. Thus, Hamburg is the most expensive place in most sectors, while Baden-Württemberg, North Rhine-Westphalia and Berlin are usually much cheaper. The remaining states are almost always in agreement on the fees.

Tips & Tricks

Of course, it is not worth it if you move extra to save fees at the chimney sweep. But now that there is freedom of choice for many chimney sweeps, even long-established chimney sweeps are more willing to merge dates to reduce the cost of getting there.

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