Remove felt-tip patches

Children like to paint not only the sheet of paper in front of them, but also themselves, the wall or the table. Adults can also become victims of felt-tip pens, if this e.g. leaking in your pocket or just falling on your pants. We've put together a few home remedies for you to effectively remove felt-tip patches.

Effective home remedies against felt-tip patches

  • Milk: For emergency aid.
  • lemon juice
  • spirit
  • hair spray
  • nail polish remover

Milk is very well suited for a gentle emergency: Immediately put the stained textiles in milk and wipe the stain out with a cloth. If this does not work, follow our instructions for removing paint stains with hair spray, nail polish remover or spirit:

Instructions for removing felt-tip patches with hair spray, spirit or nail polish remover from textiles, carpet or upholstery

1. Check colored garment for color fastness

First, test on a hem on the inside of your soiled garment if it does not lose its color when treated with any of these products. If this is not the case, you can proceed to remove the stain. If you do, you should avoid treatment with home remedies and buy a special cleaning agent for felt-tip pens on colored laundry from specialist retailers.

2. Apply hair spray / nail polish / spirit on the stain

Use a cotton swab or cloth to apply enough nail polish or spirit to the stain. When using hair spray, spray on the stain close up until it is well soaked.

3. Leave on and wash

Let it work for 15 minutes and then wash the stain under running water. Once the stain has landed on the carpet, just vacuum the remains with a little water and an absorbent cloth.

4. Wash or clean

Textiles should be washed in the washing machine as usual after stain treatment.

Carpets or upholstery should be cleaned with a wet cleaner or a damp cloth over a large area to prevent the formation of edges.

Remove felt-tip patches from the wall or from wood

Your little ones have decorated the wall or your desk? Again, you can do something: mix soda with water to a tough mush and gently wipe away your children's creation or your own mishap. Painting over does not help in most cases, especially if the wall paint is white.
Wood can be sanded down and repainted or brushed if it is excessively soiled.

Video Board: How To Remove A Felt Tip Pen Stain