Felting: wet felting and dry felting

Felting: wet felting and dry felting: felting

If you are looking for a beautiful and creative hobby, you will often like felting. Disordered fibers of wool or other animal hairs are processed into a textile surface fabric.

You have to distinguish between dry felts and wet felts. Dry felting involves shaping the wool with special felting needles. When wet felting the unbound fleece made of wool or other animal hair is processed with warm water and soap for flexing felt.

Made of felt, you can make unusual garments, seasonal decorations and much more. We've put together a selection of interesting felt templates and guides so anyone can fool by themselves

Contents about felting

  • Felting on Styrofoam
  • Felt clothes and accessories yourself
  • Further instructions for felting

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Felting on Styrofoam

Basic instructions: Felting with the needle [PDF]

Instructions for the basics of felting with the needle as a PDF file for downloading
at Aduis.de

Mother's day card with felted heart

Mother's Day card made of corrugated cardboard, craft felt, polystyrene, fairy-tale wool and construction paper.
at bastel-elfe.de

A beautiful frog

felted on a polystyrene template
at Bastelideen

Lovingly designed heart

Felt instructions for a heart for Valentine's Day from a heart styrofoam blank.
at Bastelideen

Cuddly Easter bunny

Step-by-step instructions for a cuddly 3D Easter bunny made of felt wool with Styrofoam eggs.
at Bastelideen

Noble felt Christmas balls

Illustrated craft instructions with material list
at initiative-hobby-kreativ.de

Felt Christmas balls

So you make beautiful Christmas balls with felt
at Initiative hobbyKreativ


You can see the different felting methods
wet felting. sparmeier

Felt on polystyrene

Felt clothes and accessories yourself

Knitted felt hat

Knit cap according to instructions and then felt in the washing machine
at Strickideen

Knit felt shoes

With these detailed instructions, you can knit a pair of wamre felt shoes yourself
at Herzbotschaft.de


Simple instructions for cozy and warm felt slippers
at craftster

Felt nice shoes

Felting Patterned Wool Slippers - An illustrated step-by-step guide with detailed explanation
at Elfesfilz

Felt Slippers

Newfooted felt slippers with non-slip latex sole - Simple instructions

Great hat

even felted
at Hobbyschneiderin

Baby Shoes

Sew shoes for the baby made of felt itself. - A detailed guide
at wawerkoSprache: German

Further instructions for felting

Christmas angel wool

Form an angel figure as a tree pendant with a felted needle of white merino wool. Illustrated manual.
on DaWanda Blog

Easter Bunny Egg warmer made of felt

Detailed illustrated sewing instructions for egg warmer made of felt with Easter bunny motif. A cutting plotter is used. The motif can also be tinkered without it.
at AloneMy Blog

Fortune cookies (made of felt)

Sewing instructions for reusable lucky biscuits made of felt. Also suitable as New Year's oracle.
at The Zuckergoscherl

Octopus stuffed animal

Crafting instructions for small squid from a balloon and felt. Illustrated step-by-step instructions. Suitable for elementary school children
at Drachenstübchen Blog

Angel made of felt

Angel figures are felted from felt wool and hung on yarn. Illustrated manual.
at Funkelfaden

Sew easter bunny bag

Sewing instructions for Easter bunny felt bags with a face painted with a textile pen. There are also presented alternative decoration types. Illustrated manual.
at Kindertage

Kids Kitchen play mat

Sewing instructions for a play mat made of felt with stove motif as a mobile children's kitchen.
at Very Mom

Felt christmas bauble

Instructions for wet felting a Christmas tree ball and decorative ball
at felt trend


Sewing instructions for a felt utensil for hanging on the wall. The individual pocket segments can be stringed together with snaps. Pattern as a free PDF download.
at handmade culture

Knit felt shoes

With these detailed instructions, you can knit a pair of wamre felt shoes yourself
at Herzbotschaft.de

Festive candle dolls

With apples, clay pots, felt and candles you can make four festive dolls as a special alternative to the classic Advent wreath.
at kizz

Tricorn from hat blank

In this guide, a round felt hat is formed into a tricorne and covered with appliqués.
at LarpWiki

Shop accessories: Fish made of felt [PDF]

Crafting instructions for realistic felt fish for a game shop. Illustrated manual with material list.
at Raumdinge Blog

Shop accessories: leeks made of felt [PDF]

Crafting instructions for leek sticks made of felt as goods for a game shop. Illustrated manual with material list.
at Raumdinge Blog

Christmas angels made of felt

Crafting instructions for Christmas angels made of felt, wooden balls and pipe cleaners. With cut template for the mica felt.
at write history

Black Gothic Tricorn

Illustrated instructions for a black men's tricorn felt.
in the dark side of life

Heart Sachet

Felt scented pillows in heart shape and fill with flowers.
by manual-manual


Make a felt rose for the whole year.
by manual-manual

Cat, ghosts and bats made of felt

Crafting instructions for ghosts, black cats and bats as plant plugs.
at Bastelideen

Autumn leaves made of felt

Motif template autumn leaves make the leaf curtain itself
for crafts all year round

Flowers from fairytale wool

With this guide, you will be able to felt beautiful flowers very fast.
at Creadoo


do it Yourself. An instruction
at expli

Felt flowers

A felt guide for a red rose.
at hobby-webtipps

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