Feng Shui and indoor fountain - positive combination

In classic Feng Shui, water is one of the most important elements, as it brings together the life energy in one place. A room well serves thus to collect the water and to pool the life energy downright. But at the Feng Shui room well, mistakes can be made. For example, a loud rippling tends to disturb the flow of energy.


Especially in winter, people suffer from the dry heating air. Even apart from the positive effect in Feng Shui, the room well serves the humidification. Sensitive persons are even less likely to catch colds due to the healthier indoor air, as the mucous membranes are not damaged by the dry air.

Clean the room well

But to make the room well not a burden, it should be cleaned regularly. In addition, distilled water is better. Otherwise, the beautiful decorative elements of the Zimmerbrunnen will soon be marred by unsightly limescale borders.

Fragrance oils and flavors

Some caution is required with the flavors or fragrance oils. On the one hand, some people easily get a headache from the strong scent, on the other hand, these fragrances can also cause allergies. However, the right scented oils can boost concentration or relaxation, whichever is right. But always, less is more.

Materials and equipment

Natural materials are important at a well that is supposed to serve the feng shui. Shells made of natural stones and decorative gemstones should emit positive vibrations. In addition to the real gemstones, glass balls are a nice and positive addition to the indoor fountain.


Like the splashing, the lighting of a room well should be gentle. If a color change is installed, it should be done slowly. Ideal is a lighting that is installed under water. If you want to build and design the fountain yourself, products from the aquarium collection are practical.

Location of the fountain in Feng Shui

There are two optimal locations for the Feng Shui fountain. In the corridor or a passage, the fountain promotes the inflow of fame and money. At the same time, the room well in the living room can let the positive chi flow well. Especially here, the volume of the splashing should be rather gentle.

Brief overview of the Feng-Shui indoor fountain

One should pay attention to these points, if one wants to set up a room well, in order to positively influence the Chi in the Feng Shui.

  • Location of the fountain
  • Volume of rippling from the water
  • gentle lighting
  • material selection
  • Flavorings and fragrance oils
  • Humidification by clean water

Tips & Tricks

Especially with regard to the Feng-Shui, the water should always splash very quietly. Even if you do not even notice it, loud loud splashing gets on your nerves and causes more stress that the well should actually break down. If the room fountain in or in front of the bedroom, it even leads to aggression and a break in the partnership.

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