Feng Shui wall colors: the right combinations to feel good

The color theory of Feng Shui is based on the idea that each of the five elements is associated with certain reinforcing colors. Depending on the color scheme, this can be used to conjure up either luck or misfortune - and happiness should certainly prevail in one's own four walls. That is why it is important for all appropriately sensitive persons to observe the teachings of Feng Shui wall paints!

These feng shui combinations bring luck or misfortune

We distinguish between wall colors, which together radiate a high luck factor, color combinations with good effect and color mix with unfavorable charisma. Here are a few examples in a clear tabular form:

Gold and vermiliongood luck!
Gold and purplegood luck!
Silver and purplegood luck!
black and whitegood luck!
two yellows, one whitegood effect
two shades of brown, a shade of redgood effect
two shades of blue, one greengood effect
two reds, one yellowgood effect
two shades of white, one shade of bluegood effect
two shades of green, one yellowunfavorable effect
two yellows, a blue toneunfavorable effect
two shades of blue, a shade of redunfavorable effect
two shades of white, one greenunfavorable effect
two reds, one whiteunfavorable effect

Among Feng Shui specialists it is known that black and white stand for Yin and Yan, which cause happiness in the harmonious balance. Vermilion is a true lucky color, in conjunction with the wealth-promising gold, it becomes a prosperity enhancer.

Attention to the combination of red and green: Here jealousy could creep into the house, and also the wanderlust increases with this sight. But also the arrangement in a certain direction influences the effects of the Feng Shui wall colors.

Feng Shui wall colors and directions

This article can only give a glimpse into the diverse world of Feng Shui wall paints, but the most important thing is to be said in a nutshell: in the South, fame has settled as an effective force and with it the fire.

The north and the water determine the career, the east and the wood affect health and family. In the West, metal plays an important role, it is about children and creativity.

The inter-sky directions are also assigned meanings and there are recommendable color combinations for each room page. A science in its own right, which probably holds a few surprises for those who believe in it.

Tips & Tricks

For the sake of simplicity, focus on the different Yin and Yan shades, which are not just black and white. Combine soft colors with more active colors, which also does the eye good!

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