Folding figures, cars, paper plants and crafts

Folding figures, cars, paper plants and crafts: cars

Paper can be used not only to make simple decorations and loving gifts. You can also fold and make figures, cars and plants out of paper. Similarly, it is possible to make cute villages, castles and churches made of paper, which serve as a game environment for figures and cars and are "planted" with the plants of paper.

Would you like to make figures or cars out of paper? Then take a look at the selection of crafting instructions and crafting tips that we have compiled below for you.

The fun is guaranteed! Have fun!

Contents: Making figures, cars and plants out of paper

  • Make paper figures: snowman, angel, vampire, witch and more
  • Paper plants: trees and flowers
  • Cars and cars make and fold from paper
  • Build, glue and fold buildings: churches and houses

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Make paper figures: snowman, angel, vampire, witch and more

Make a school bag with a mermaid, a fairy or a jungle look

With these 4 illustrated instructions, you can make beautiful school bags, for example a candy bag with a mermaid, a fairy or a jungle look. - With basic instructions for a basic model.

Paragoni (Phantump) paper figure

Print templates for a 3D paper model of the Pokémon "Paragoni" (English: Phantump).
at Aquametal at Deviant Art

Minion figure from construction paper

Illustrated tutorial for crafting Minion paper figures from colored construction paper. The manual is suitable for handicrafts with small children.
at Girl in the Garage

Kyurem Pokémon paper figure

Craft sheet for the kite-like kyurem as a paper figure.
at Jav Papercraft

Breloom paper figure

Craft sheet template for a pokemon paper figure "Kapilz" (English breloom).
at kall9999 at Deviant Art

Chibi Brendan paper figure

Paper figure of Pokemon coach Chibi Brendan (from the cartoon).
at MountainOfCookies at Deviant Art

Rotom-Pokémon paper figure

A paper figure of the electric Pokémon "Rotom" in a washing machine.
at Nintendo Craft

Zobiris Pokémon paper figure

A paper figure of the human-like Pokémon "Zobiris" (English: Sableye) as a print template for download.
at Nintendo Craft

Folding instructions for a witch [PDF]

Illustrated folding instructions for witches as PDF

Ivysaur Pokemon paper figure

Craft sheet for a 3D paper figure of the Pokemon monster Bisaknosp (English: Ivysaur).

Angels make paper plates

Detailed illustrated instructions for an impressive, three-dimensional angel figure. Cut out of a simple white paper plate as a silhouette.
at Wummelkiste

Snowman Fensterbild

plastic with textured cardboard
at Bastelideen

Window decoration: Santa Claus with sack

with motif punch and corrugated cardboard
at Bastelideen

Window picture - "Nicholas Moon"

friendly moon for the nursery
at Bastelideen

Little golden angel pendant

Crafting instructions for folded angel pendants made of solid glossy paper. Illustrated step-by-step guide to refolding.

Make witches

in bicolour paper with coat and broom
at Bastelparadies

Funny clown made of paper

Craft clown place card with colored construction paper. - Step by step instructions.
at expli

Halloween skeleton

made of cardboard tinker templates for individual limbs
at horror factory

Nikolaus-Hampelmann [PDF]

How to make a Santa Claus as a jumping jack - Instructions and print template as PDF
at hanisauLand

Santa Claus sock for filling

Origami Santa Claus sock made of wrapping paper - crafting instructions as video.
at Origami Kids

Origami Santa Claus

It's so easy to fold an origami Santa Claus - video tutorial
at Origami Kids

Home-made jumping jack

Cut out the picture and connect it with parentheses
at Susanne's Dekoparadies

Paper plants: trees and flowers

A morning glory

Paper funnel, delicate flowers in folding technique.
at Origami

Plum blossoms & branch

Folding instructions for a Japanese plum tree blossom with matching branch.
at Origami

Illuminated paper christmas tree

Crafting instructions for a 32cm high paper Christmas tree with rhinestones and lighting.
at Papierkunst

Tannen Tannenbäume

made of green and brown paper - simply folded.


Make a nice present box in fir-tree shape out of paper. As for small presents or homemade chocolates

3-D Christmas tree

This cardboard Christmas tree stands by itself and does not start to needles
at Bastelparadies

Fold Christmas tree

from round leaflet in green crafting instructions with text
at Kiki's web

Cars and cars make and fold from paper

Ford Convertible Cabriolet

a classic
at Canon

Tinker an old car

cool oldtimer fast tinker made of colored paper
at The Bastelparadies

Trabi Crafting Sheet [PDF]

Trabant car make yourself in living gray and light blue

Toy Car [pdf] [PDF]

Toy Car: Guide for advanced origami artist
fold on paper

Police VW bus

simply print, cut out, stick together
at chess police

Red car

for download in different sizes
at school pictures

Build, glue and fold buildings: churches and houses

Craft paper castle

big and small cardboard rolls and solid cardboard: Recycled Castle
at Labbe - Blog

My first cardboard house

Model building of your own home, faithfully rebuilt from cardboard
at Miniatur Wunderland

World Trade Center Model (before 2001)

Paper model of the Twin Towers Three cutting sheets as PDF download

Make lantern houses [PDF]

Thanks to template for printing fast tinkered. Transparent paper is required for the side walls.

Make Easterhouse for Osterdorf

Tinker a whole Easter village with print templates - simple craft instructions for children with templates for coloring or colorful to print.
at Kidsweb

Advent calendar in house form

A large cardboard house receives 24 windows, which can be opened to small gift packages made of cardboard. Ornament with napkin technique.
at Bastel-Elfe

Folding a church of paper

with tower, door, window and clock.
at Bastelparadies

Make a home for living

Folding houses with windows, doors and chimneys
at Bastelparadies

Purchase hall type ESK 700/850 [PDF]

Bastelbogen a real Kofi of the GDR for the goods of the daily need

The second temple [PDF]

A paper model with templates and construction manual
at Jewish Community Marburg

Folding house with roof

first fold the sheet and then fold and fold
at Kiki's web

Craft sheet for a town house [PDF]

with dormers, balcony, chimney PDF to download and print
with Lutz Kasper Grafikdesign

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