Tinker filigree poinsettias

Christmas stars made of paper

Tinker filigree poinsettias: poinsettias

If the simple poinsettias are no longer exciting enough, you should try the more elaborate models.

For the following instructions you need a precise and delicate hand.

If the first attempts do not lead to success, you should not be discouraged. It is not a master hobbyist fell from the sky.

Klorollen Advent calendar with shooting stars

Simple instructions for a decorative Advent calendar of cardboard rolls as a garland with shooting star motif. The filled and pasted rolls are hung on a leash with clothespins.

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Napkin technique on light bags

Crafting instructions for decorating Christmas light bags with decoupage technique

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Tinker 16-pointed poinsettia

Photo guide for a window star made of transparent paper.

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Finnish Christmas star

With a little love of symmetry can be made from some paper or cardboard strips this beautiful poinsettia. If the material is extravagant, the star will be even more beautiful.

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Filigree colorful folding stars

Fold sheets of paper, cut and conjure beautiful paper cut stars

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Snowflakes made of paper

These filigree snowflakes and snowflakes are easy to retouch. Simply cut out paper circles, record branches and cut out.

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Filigree Poinsettia [PDF]

Filigree star with pikes twisted around itself. For children over 10 years old.

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Filigree paper cut star with 6 pips

In terms of filigree you will have good cuts with this poinsettia. Anyone who previously believed that you can only use a pair of scissors to cut hair, now learns something better.

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Nostalgic Christmas star

It is filigree and consists of 12 stripes: the nostalgic poinsettia. How to make it out of paper, learn here.

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Filigree dream star

For one or the other craft friend of the dream star is filigree peak performance in this year's Christmas. A guide for a special kind of Christmas star.

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Poinsettia made of tracing paper

You can make a filigree poinsettia with transparent paper and glue. This guide shows how to do it.

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Poinsettias for decoration

These decorative poinsettias made of paper are easy to tinker and yet seem quite filigree.

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Make snowstones

stick as decoration with glitter sprinkle

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Poinsettia made of hot glue

Instructions for various poinsettias made of paper, beads, hot glue, shiny foil and silver and gold foil.

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detailed illustrated instructions

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Decorative stars

Decorative stars with polystyrene ball as a tree decoration, Christmas decoration or as an ornament for Christmas cards - With template for download

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Fröbelstern-yourself instructions

Very extensive and illustrated crafting instructions, after which a Fröbelstern can be made.

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Paper cut in star shape (video)

Video tutorial for creating a Christmas star as a paper cut

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