Especially in drywall, there are many annoying and time-consuming work. For professional work or for working on large areas, the use of machinery is sometimes worthwhile. You can read here how well screeding machines actually work and which advantages and disadvantages can be found here.

Fill plasterboard with Rigips

The erection of the framework and the mounting of the plasterboard can be done relatively quickly with a little practice. The filling of the joints - so the filling - is often a tedious and time-consuming job.

Especially with plasterboard ceiling panels, the filling is particularly cumbersome and time-consuming due to the height of the room. The work must be carried out from a ladder or scaffolding, which must also be constantly moved.

Easier work with spatulas

The filling of the joints can be made much easier with spatulas. The benefit lies in three functions:

  • The putty is continuously and continuously conveyed automatically
  • It can be worked without ladders or scaffolding on the ceilings
  • It always comes out the same amount of joint filler from the machine, so a continuous work is easily possible.


In addition, often - as in the case of subsequent plastering of gypsum plasterboard - a full filling must often be carried out in order to obtain a flat surface.

Such Flächenverflachtelungen make when they are carried out by hand, as enormously complex and time consuming. In addition, a steady hand and a lot of skill is required.

For whom are filling machines suitable?

Filling machines are only useful if you either work professionally or have very large Rigips surfaces grouting. The handling of spatula requires skill and some practice. The effort is not worthwhile for small areas.

Execution of spatula machines

Spatula machines work similar to the so-called airless devices. The putty is drawn from the bucket in most types but then released with continuous pressure.

For full machine processing, a surface puller and a point filler are also required (to fill the screw heads). All units are designed so that ladders or scaffolding are not required up to normal room heights.

Joint scrapers with a spring-supported joint knife and a device for automatically pressing in the paper reinforcement strip then complete the equipment.

Airless equipment as an alternative

Joints can also be filled with airless equipment. For the subsequent Vollverspachteln the wall to offer spray putty machines anyway. It can be done a very thin leveling compound, the wall finish is thereby very easy to accomplish, if, for example, to be wallpapered.

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