Filters for the water pipe - what do they do and what do you have to pay attention to?

Many are unaware that there is also a filter in their water pipe. Often you notice that only when the filter effect is no longer present. How such filters look, where they exist, and how to maintain them is therefore explained in detail here.

Filtering at the transfer point

The transfer point between the water supply network and the house installation is located in the basement of most of the buildings. This is where the homeowner's responsibility for the quality of the water begins.

At the transfer point and a so-called pressure reducer is attached. The high pressure in the supply lines of the water companies (usually up to 10 bar) is reduced to a more compatible for the domestic installation value of about 2-3 bar.

In conjunction with the pressure reducer, the installation of a fine filter is required for new buildings. But it is only a particulate filter, which is mainly to hold back rust particles and sand from the pipe network, so they do not get into the house installation.

There, these sharp-edged particles could possibly damage equipment, cause deposits or even attack the pipes over time. However, such filters do not reduce the water hardness.

Backwashable and replaceable filters

The house water filters can be designed either as a backwash filter or as a filter with exchangeable elements. If the filter is full, in most cases it no longer fulfills its effect. From the tap sand and rust particles can come, or attach themselves behind the sieve of the faucet.

Disposable filters intended for changing can not be cleaned. They have to be exchanged. This is required 2-3 times a year in most cases. However, a check should be made at least every two months.

Backwash filters should be backwashed approximately every 2 months. The filter is then fully operational again. Replacement is usually only required if the filter is damaged.

Tips & Tricks

Under certain circumstances, the filter systems can also be upgraded with additional water filters. However, these additional filters have their own maintenance intervals and certain risks that must be taken into account.

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