Filtered water - is that really healthy?

Nutritionists and water associations warn again and again about the dangers of drinking filtered water. Nevertheless, household filtration systems continue to be sold in large numbers. In recent years, the water purification even a veritable trend has formed. Which dangers can threaten by filtered water, therefore, is here once thoroughly illuminated.

Types of filtered water

Water can be filtered through different devices and technologies. The simplest technique that is used in the household are water filters. They usually contain an activated carbon filter element, often in conjunction with other filter technologies, such as ceramic elements.

However, particularly pure water is generated by reverse osmosis systems. They are also the most sold appliances in the household.

In contrast, UV disinfection systems sell significantly less frequently. But they do not change at least the chemical water composition. A sterilization of controlled drinking water with intact house installation is superfluous.

risk of contamination

Every water filter carries a high risk of microbial contamination. In the filter elements, bacteria can accumulate and proliferate. When the filter breaks through, so a high number of germs in one fell swoop in the drinking water. It is then acutely contaminated, whereas previously it was colonized only by a few bacteria.

The filter effect on pollutants is not fundamentally important in terms of water quality, traces of pollution are usually disposed of well by the self-cleaning system of our body. However, the accumulation of pollutants in the filter and the risk of "breakthrough" are very high with water filters and also make less dangerous pollutants in connection with the water filter at risk.

Removal of mineralization

A reverse osmosis system removes 99.9% of all impurities contained in the water. Due to the loss of its natural minerals, however, water is no longer particularly digestible. Osmosis water can be an acute health hazard, some people even had to be treated in the hospital or emergency after the enjoyment.

Tips & Tricks

The best water is natural water whose pollutants are as far below the limits as possible. Medicinal water is the most strictly controlled and purest water in Germany.

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