Finally here: the new responsive design for

"Now let's change the wallpapers ourselves" We thought and realized that this was really long overdue. We finally made it: the new responsive design is online. is brighter, lighter and above all clearer.

Finally here: the new responsive design for design after the relaunch adapts to the respective screen. Whether for the desktop monitor, tablet or smartphone.

If you have not already seen that, you should check it out yourself: Here's our new layout.

Apart from the fact that the new is a real bliss, the optical is not the only thing that makes the new garment shine. With the relaunch, we have come up with a few new extras that you will definitely like:

Finally here: the new responsive design for design

That's what it looks like, the new

Responsive Design: Highly adaptable layout

Or: Your display does not become, but becomes your display.
We know our readers and know: Those who visit are already up to their ears in work. Decorate, renovate, tear down walls, lay tiles, mix cement, mix color and grill. Since there is rarely a complete PC system available and connected to the places where people work so intensively, people go to work with their mobiles: smartphones, tablets, netbooks and Co. The various brands, manufacturers and series are at stake the trouble goes away: Each device has a different screen size, resolution or another format. Sure, the monitors are square everywhere. But with the difference between 4: 3 and 16: 9, many a professional homepage has gone down in design.
Now works just as well on the beamer as on the mobile phone in the small format. Responsive Design is the magic word here: Our site is now programmed to automatically scan the screen formats and align the content to them.

More in it!

Or: better content for the same price!
No! Handyman costs you NOTHING and will never cost you anything! But only because you do not pay for it, that does not mean that you should not get anything! On the contrary! We revise our content and put many sub-areas together to larger topics, so you can get an overview of the topic quickly. Of course, this is not just an editorial improvement, but also a user-friendly transformation. If you have your hands full of paste and are looking for wallpapering tips with your iPhone, you can better scroll with your thumb rather than select more pages with the sticky fingertips.

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