Financing option "precious metals": How can you finance your own home with gold, silver and more?

Due to favorable lending rates, many Germans fulfill their dream of owning their own home or flat. Among them are not only longtime Bauspar but also those who a few years ago have not even thought about buying a home and therefore have little or no equity at all. But there are alternatives to saving.

How does the financing possibility through the investment "precious metal" work?

As a special birthday gift, because of a passion for collecting or because it has been inherited - many households have physical gold in the form of coins or bars. The precious metal, like silver and platinum, is a popular investment because it is regarded as relatively stable in value due to its material value and its rarity. Although its price is dependent on demand and therefore fluctuates again and again, if the gold is sold at a time when the price is high, it may well be a rich profit. Through this in turn can be available for home financing a certain equity. The gold price is currently very high again and the sale of gold can be used very well to obtain the necessary equity for the construction loan.

Even if you do not have gold, you can use it for the future. Many credit institutions make special repayments possible under their terms, which are at best free of charge. The conditions for this can vary greatly, ranging from annual special repayments to a limited number of repayments. As a result of these unscheduled payments, the remaining debt can be reduced, which reduces the repayment period and ultimately saves interest. Anyone who invests in gold and sells it at a favorable time can use the profit earned to pay for a special repayment. Both the purchase and the sale is at the current daily price at precious metal dealers, for example, here very easy.

Advantages of precious metals compared to other investments:

  • Real asset
  • Not affected by currency reforms
  • Immunity to economic crises
  • Demand not only from investors, but also from industry, which, for example, increasingly requires it for the production of sensors, catalysts or for chemical processes.

Create reserves for future house costs through precious metals purchase

In the best case, you want to live in your home for a long time, which is why at some point the time for repair work has come. As a homeowner, unlike a homeowner community, you have to bear the costs alone, which can be a heavy financial burden. In addition, these usually arise long before the loan is repaid, and therefore come in addition to the monthly loan installment. If more complex repairs are necessary at the house, many can not simply pay for them. Therefore, it is important to calculate such costs and set aside appropriate financial resources. The easiest way is to park the money in a bank account, because you can get at any time to the money. However, these are only with a very small percentage interest. While securities and funds generally offer high returns, they are a very risky option in times of crisis. Therefore, investing in gold and other precious metals can be useful for the formation of reserves.

The reserve amount depends on the age and size of the house and is recommended as follows:

Age of the houseEUR / m²
0-5 years4,00
6-10 years6,00
11-15 years7,50
From 16 years10,00

Which storage options are there for precious metals?

1. The safe

Basically, it is a sensible idea for a homeowner to buy a safe, because the number of burglaries has risen sharply in recent years. In it both valuables and important documents can be kept safe from access by third parties. In most cases, a small furniture safe is sufficient, which can find a hidden location in a closet. By this gold coins or bars, cash and other valuables are protected against theft in case of burglary.

2. The locker

You can rent a locker from both banks and operators of a high-security locker system. Although you have to pay for it a certain monthly or annual amount, but the lockers are relatively well protected by modern monitoring and alarm systems. Precious metal traders also offer this service, so you can then safely store the purchased gold immediately.

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