Noble granite split has its price

The hard rock granite is particularly popular in split form. Granite chippings are mainly used in the colors black, red and gray. The rock is frost-resistant, stable and maintains its natural beauty for a long time. Granite chippings have a special strength when processed to chippings.

Stable and handsome hard rock

Granite chippings are one of the most popular natural rocks, both because of its physical properties and because of its optical appearance. Its typical grain texture produces a very natural look. Due to mica parts, some granite chips additionally develop a decorative sheen.

The blends of granite split range from monochrome shades of gray, mostly for use as a functional split to colorfully weighted multi-colored ornamental chippings. All granite chippings have the same consistency and stability.

Great offer in many colors

The large demand for granite chippings creates an unmanageable offer and every hardware store carries several standard varieties, which are usually offered from container sizes of 25 kilograms.

Granite chippings are more expensive than chippings from other natural rocks such as porphyry or basalt. Its high density and special stability makes it also interesting as a supplement for concrete and asphalt. While monochrome, mostly gray-black grades are produced for this purpose, ornamental and decoration chippings can have many different color images.

That's how much granite chippings cost
1 ton of granite chippings gray or red (grain size 8-16 mm) as bulk materialabout 167 EUR
1 ton of ornamental granite (grain size 8-16 mm) as bulk materialabout 140 EUR
1 ton of Tuscan ornamental chippings from granite yellow (particle size 16-32 mm) as bulk materialabout 165 EUR
1 ton of ornamental granite (8-11 mm grain size) as bulk materialabout 185 EUR
1 ton of ornamental granite (8-12 mm grain size) as bulk materialabout 165 EUR

Tips & Tricks

Granite plots are not always deals with pure sorting. Take into consideration the usually very smooth glass-like edges of the grains and the typical "dotted" texture.

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