Fine plaster

Smooth wall surfaces are created by fine plaster, which is best obtained as ready-made plaster. Depending on its composition or basis, it is suitable for use indoors (lime base), outdoors (lime cement base) or for the base area (cement base).

To do this, stir the fine plaster with a creamy consistency and moisten the substrate.

Apply plaster to a trowel so that it is half covered, and apply the fine plaster. The finished fine plaster layer should be about 1 to 2 mm.

For much thicker layers there is a risk that the plaster surface gets fine shrinkage cracks. Smooth the surface with cross-shaped movements.

Fine plaster: fine

Now take the sponge board, dip it into the water and press out with the palm of your hand excess water.

If the fine plaster has tightened so far that it no longer sticks when touched with your finger, you can smooth the fine plaster with the damp, but not dripping wet sponge board.

First, create a smooth surface by pulling the sponge board across the surface with gentle pressure in vertical and horizontal movements. Then guide the sponge board over the entire surface with light pressure and circular movements.

Make sure that no steps are created. If the fine plaster is still too wet, it smears and can not be smoothed out. If it is already too dry, you can dip the sponge board in water and continue to apply it.

Basically, only a small amount of fine plaster should be mixed, which can be processed in a short time. Take mortar sand and sift it with an old kitchen sieve. Alternatively, quartz sand is also suitable.

The grains should have a maximum diameter of 0.5 mm. Mix this sand in the same mixing ratio as the flush. For indoor use, you can also use lime mortar.

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