Apply fine plaster on rough plaster

Rough plaster walls convey a rustic ambience. If the walls are to be modernized and smooth plaster or wallpaper applied, special preparatory work is necessary. The effort is worth it for all who have seen enough on rustic surfaces.

Fine plaster needs smooth surface

Fine plaster always needs a smooth, clean and dust-free surface. In roughing, nicotine, cooking fumes and grease, dust and other contaminants may accumulate over years of use. Apart from hygienic reasons, the fine plaster does not tolerate such a surface and would adhere poorly or not at all. In addition, the surveys on the rough plaster make an even result when applying the fine plaster impossible.

Remove roughcast and discard

Depending on the condition and thickness of the roughcast, it must be ground evenly or removed completely. Check that the rough plaster is still firmly connected to the wall at all points. If some spots already loosen or if the roughing has a rough feel, it is best to remove it completely from the wall. Every square kilometer of wall space causes several kilograms of building rubble. Before starting work, clarify how to remove the rubble and where to dispose of it properly.

Grind rough plaster

Firm and intact rough plaster can be sanded off. The grinding work is done with an electronic wall sander or by hand. Protect yourself with a dust mask and the rest of the apartment by taking precautionary measures against the high level of dust. After sanding, you must remove the dust, as the following plaster work can only be carried out properly in a dust-free environment. After cleaning clean the unevenness in the wall with putty. If you have achieved a uniform and even overall picture, paint the entire wall with a primer. After drying, you can plaster the wall with the desired fine plaster.

Tips & Tricks

Wear a surgical mask during the grinding work on the rough plaster. The dust is enormous and a heavy burden on the respiratory system. Flying dirt particles can injure unprotected eyes. Be sure to wear safety goggles.

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