Paper fine plaster

They have now felt sorry for the plastered walls and would like to redesign the living area. The removal of the wall plaster is too time-consuming and too dusty. Then you can easily wallpaper your plaster wall.

Mending the substrate

An old plaster wall can have holes and cracks. If you have wallpapered the wall once, you can remove pieces of plaster when removing the old wallpaper. Such a damaged wall must be treated with filler. Once all the holes and cracks have been covered, all unevennesses are carefully sanded after drying. Finally, the repaired wall receives a painting with a deep background.
A heavily damaged or heavily soiled plaster wall should not be papered. Here it is worth the effort to remove the old plaster and re-apply the substrate for a wallpaper. Unprofessionally repaired damage in the plaster with slight elevations and indentations remain visible even in the applied wallpaper.

Wallpaper on fine plaster

Wallpaper can only hold on a well-adherent surface. Fine plaster is not the ideal substrate for the wallpaper. With exact preparation of the plaster wall, wallpapering succeeds as well as on a conventional wall. The firmness of the fine plaster can be increased by applying a deep base coat. Process it on the wall according to the manufacturer's instructions on the packaging and then allow it to dry well for one day.

To increase the adhesion of the wallpaper, the surface is pre-pasted before applying the wallpaper.
The selection of the right glue depends on the type of wallpaper. Paper wallpaper and woodchip fibers require different paste properties than textile wallpaper or non-woven wallpaper. Saving on the paste is not worth it, since it is not expensive anyway, but the final result of the wallpapering significantly determined.

Tips & Tricks

For damp rooms like the bathroom is particularly well liquid wallpaper. It is applied liquid with a trowel. It is insensitive to moisture. Small pores in the plaster surface seal it. It is much easier to remove than fine plaster.

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