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Purchase advice on the fine balance comparison or test 2018

  • With fine scales, you can record even the smallest amounts of herbs and spices, as well as precious metals such as gold or precious stones in increments of less than 1 gram.
  • The devices are used in the gold purchase for weighing precious metals, in pharmacies in the manufacture of drugs and ointments and at the post office for weighing letters.
  • A measuring range of up to approx. 200 grams is recommended so that you can weigh both small and larger quantities with the fine balance.

Fine balance comparison 2018: balance

If you are dealing with very fine or high quality raw materials, you will not get around an accurate balance. A small example: Ordinary saffron costs about 3 euros per 0.1 g in the supermarket (ie 30 euros for a single gram), In the specialized trade you often pay much less for the same amount - without a precision balance you can not measure or check the weight of the spice exactly. A fine scale or too Precision balance measures in significantly smaller weighing ranges than a standard kitchen scale:

  • average weighing range of one microbalance: about 0.01 g to 200 g
  • average weighing range of one kitchen scale: about 1 g to 5,000 g

In our 2018 fine-balance comparison, you will not only receive information on the accuracy, calibration and cleaning of scales. Also, the weighing range and the application possibilities of the measuring instruments are taken up in our purchase advice, for example to show you what you can prepare with the help of the balance.

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1. Fine scales with 0.01 gram scale are sufficient for home use

The fine scales proceed in different steps during the measurement. We recommend you a meter that works with a scaling of 10 mg (0.01 g).

Fine balance comparison 2018: 2018

Even rings can be exactly weighed with a precision balance.

When buying the best precision scale, pay attention to a large weighing range and precise measurement: Deviations of 0.01 g should be detectable by a good fine balance, Then you can z. B. even the smallest amounts of drugs, without the measurement result is falsified.

Some fine scales have one height adjustable foot, which facilitates handling when measuring, If you want even more comfortable, you can also pay attention to additional scales, which are part of the scope of supply for some manufacturers. Often also included in the package AA or AAA batteries, with which the fine scales are operated. However, some models have a power cord and a permanent power supply.

If you Weighing only metals is a gold scale the better kind of scales for your purposes. This is also used for gold purchases in the commercial sector. Therefore, gold scales often offer higher accuracy and finer scaling below 0.01g.

Create individual tea blends with the fine scale: Use the scale to portion spices and create your own spice and tea blends of dried herbs. That's how you get exactly the ratio of ingredients you want.

2. Different types of fine scales: Digital is usually better than analog

Fine scales can be with regard to their measuring technology in digital and mechanical or analog scales. While the former registers the weight via sensors such as load cells, the analog counterweight on the analog scales is adjusted using a sliding weight on the stand of the balance. What distinguishes both types is also shown in the following table:

Digital scalemechanical balance

Fine balance comparison 2018: balance

Fine balance comparison 2018: 2018

very easy to use
good transportability
Protection of the balance by means of covers or cases
Display readable even in the dark
requires batteries or mains power for operation
must be calibrated before each measurement
intuitive operation
Recalibration is omitted
very simple but accurate technique
no power needed for measurements
hardly transportable
relatively expensive - usually over 100 €
Conclusion: Mechanical precision scales are rarely found today because digital models are just as accurate and much cheaper. For use in hobbies such as model making or stamp collecting, we recommend a digital precision scale.

Stiftung Warentest also recommends using digital scales in a 2016 report as they are the most accurate.

3. Purchasing advice for fine scales: Accuracy, measuring range and additional functions

As with other types of scales (eg kitchen scales, personal scales or luggage scales), fine scales also depend on which units of measure the unit is able to display, Common are grams (g), ounces (oz) or karat (ct). Some models also offer fancier units such as pennyweight (dwt) or grain (gn). Below we give properties like Accuracy and the weighing range always in grams because this is the most common unit of measurement.

3.1. The accuracy: precision below 100 milligrams

The calibration guarantees the measuring accuracy of the balance

In different trades a constant exact measurement is very important, what a regular, professional calibration of the balance by a specialist necessary makes. This person conducts the calibration personally, so that the measuring accuracy of the scale is restored or maintained and documents the process with a calibration seal which is glued directly onto the balance. For domestic use, a calibration is not necessary.

Approved scales are coming in the following commercial areas used daily:

  • bakeries
  • pharmacies
  • Teefachhandel
  • Coffee retailers
  • Goldankauf
  • post Office

Scaling is often found between 0.1 and 0.01 g (100 to 10 mg), which is completely sufficient for home use when cooking, modeling or crafting. If you need an even finer scale, you will find your personal fine-scale test winner rather under the precision cars, a sub-category of precise meters.

3.2. The measuring range: 200 g are sufficient

With a precision balance, small weights such as letters, precious metals or valuable foods are often weighed, which are only used in small quantities. We therefore recommend devices with a weighing range of 200 g, Some scales in our comparison also measure up to 3 kg accurately, but scale it less fine at higher weights (accurate to about 1 g).

3.3. Other features: Weighing is the most important feature

Digital precision scales often have an overload indicator: If the applied weight is too high, the balance indicates the overload, This allows the user to reduce the weight and avoid damage to the fine measuring mechanism.

Especially important is the tare function, with which additional weight can be added, by the display by pressing a button before zeroed again. This is convenient for tea or spice blends where you want to precisely dose multiple ingredients without removing the weigh bin or turning off the scale.

Note on energy consumption:To save energy, a digital precision scale with an automatic switch-off function is well suited.

Fine balance comparison 2018: fine

4. How do I calibrate a fine balance?

Even if you do not need to calibrate your fine balance for home use, digital models recommend that you calibrate regularly before each measurement or use. Some manufacturers of fine scales supply for this purpose with the product small weights that you can use for calibration, However, calibration weights with different weights can also be purchased separately.

Many scales also offer the menu via the menu Possibility of automatic calibration or even automatically adjust each time you turn it on.

In the following table we have the Advantages and disadvantages of a fine balance with automatic calibration function compared.

  • allows exact measurement with each weighing process
  • saves calibration with calibration weights
  • additional power consumption - calibration every time you turn it on

5. Reliable manufacturers for compact to kitchen scales

If you want to buy a cheap fine scale, you can choose among others from the manufacturers listed below. For example, the Soehnle brand sells very high-quality precision scales and also has good compact, table and kitchen scales in its range.

The German manufacturer G & G has in addition to kitchen and fine scales also precision and laboratory balances on offer, the z. T. be supplied calibrated.

  • core
  • soehnle
  • G & G
  • Dipse
  • Nohlex
  • Josh's

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