Porcelain stoneware for the terrace: durable and solid covering

When it comes to flooring for the patio, porcelain stoneware is certainly a good and solid choice. Why this is so, and which tiles are offered here, you can read in this post.

Porcelain stoneware: hard, water-repellent surfaces

Unpolished porcelain stoneware has - due to its production - an almost completely densely sintered surface, which absorbs almost no water and is also extremely resistant to dirt and stains.

There are a few other important features of FSZ:

  • The lifetime of FSZ is very high, usually several decades
  • The material is very hard, even harder than diamond
  • It is easy to clean, dirt-resistant, decorative and can be designed in many ways

Particularly interesting are surface designs that imitate other materials - such as wood look or stone look. Today's modern ceramic processes allow surface designs that are virtually indistinguishable from the imitated materials optically practically.

In terms of price, porcelain stoneware tiles are in a very favorable range of around 25 euros to 40 euros per square meter in terms of life span. Only special designs can be up to 90 euros per square meter expensive.

For the terrace either tiles or larger terrace terraces are possible. In many cases, this is also decided by the respectively desired appearance, which turns out very differently with tiles.

FSZ is also completely frost hardy, and thus in the outdoor area no problem. Since virtually no water can penetrate the tile, the material also has no problems with harsh weather and usually shows no signs of wear even after many years due to the high surface hardness.

That way you can save costs

In the large number of offers from professional tile dealers - such as kerana.de or tiles24.com - you will find both expensive and cheap products. Compare prices is worth it in any case, otherwise, the choice of an alternative, cheaper surface.

Tips & Tricks

When laying outdoors, it's best to rely on a professional - here you always need solid craftsmanship expertise

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