Prefabricated dormers for the roof - these prices are common

If you want to install a dormer on your house roof, then you have the choice between a tailor-made product and a prefabricated dormer. Prefabricated dormer prices tend to be lower, some products are already installed within one working day.

The price factors for a prefabricated dormer

Prefabricated dormers can reach up to about 8 meters in length, and special designs are possible - depending on the manufacturer. The prices depend mainly on the size of the respective dormer and its features.

Also, the suitability of your roof for the dormer growing plays a major role in the cost calculation. A simply designed saddle roof offers the best conditions for your prefabricated dormer.

Prefabricated dormers for the roof - these prices are common: prefabricated

Also keep in mind that the delivery of such a large object as a prefabricated dormer can be relatively expensive. In addition, there are the costs for the installation and for the connection to the already existing living space in the interior.

Guide values ​​for prefabricated dormer prices

An average-sized, custom-made dormer in the total price is approximately 20,000 EUR, while a prefabricated dorm costs about half. First, let's look at the pure material prices for prefabricated dormers with integrated windows.

  • A small Aufkeilgaube with the internal dimensions of 1.30 m x 1.14 m costs about 2.700 EUR.
  • A slightly larger Aufkeilgaube with the dimensions of 1.30 m x 2.36 m is about 3.700 EUR.
  • A large pitch dormer 1.52 mx 4.19 m will cost you about 6,000 EUR.

Depending on the installation conditions on site, the installation price of a prefabricated dorm is between 3,000 and 4,500 EUR.

The transition to the roof interior is fraught with very individual costs. As a rule, another few thousand euros are due. The transport costs for your prefabricated dormers are between 600 and 1,000 EUR depending on their size and how to get there.

Price example for a standard prefabricated dormer on pitched roof

A homeowner orders for his saddle roof a 1.30 m x 2.36 m large Aufkeilgaube. The dormer will be delivered within two weeks and assembled in one day. Only the inside roof connection needs more time.

Cost overviewprice
Prefabricated dorm 1.30 mx 2.36 m3,700 euros
delivery700 EUR
installation3,500 EUR
connection2,700 EUR
total10,600 EUR

Reduce costs through self-employment

Prefabricated dormer prices are relatively fixed, but you can save on labor costs. You may be able to do the connection to the interior of the roof yourself or supplement the insulation yourself.

Tips & Tricks

Do you want more light in your attic? Then the investment in a prefabricated dormer may not be necessary, possibly high roof windows with light bands at the top and bottom are sufficient.

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