The prefabricated house with land - what should you pay attention to?

If you want to build a prefabricated house, you will also need a plot of land on which to build it. But buying a property involves a lot of formalities. What to look for when buying a property, you will learn in this article.

Can the property be developed at all?

Once you have decided on your desired property, you must clear up some formalities before you can build your prefab house on it. Since the building law in Germany is a matter of the respective municipality, this is also your contact person. How high may the house be? Are there guidelines for the design? Only when you have certainty about questions like this can you take the next steps.

If you decide on a prefabricated house, you usually have a support partner with your prefabricated house supplier who also helps with the organization of the property. Therefore, you should ask your developer for an inspection of the property by a specialist; if the latter has no reservations about the building permit, the prefabricated house supplier is liable for any problems.

The prefabricated house with land - what should you pay attention to?: prefabricated

But your prefabricated house can also help to check the condition of the soil. If he does not notice any special features or necessary construction measures, you should request a written confirmation. So it is not possible later that you have to pay extra for a straightening or similar measures.

The plot of the developer

Not infrequently it is possible to acquire the property together with the prefabricated house from the prefabricated house supplier. But why does a property developer sell land? Since many areas in Germany are very densely populated, it is almost impossible for a private person to get one. Therefore, large prefabricated house suppliers buy up these "remnants" and offer them to the customer - a relief, especially with regard to the effort of the organization.

Calculate all costs

When it comes to costs, purchasing a property involves more points than just the land price itself. To better plan your financing, you should buy a developed property. So you no longer have to plan the costly laying of pipes and pipes to your building site. Other ancillary costs are the work of the notary and the land transfer tax; These can vary greatly depending on the region and notary.

Surely you will now ask yourself: "How can I save on the purchase of land for my prefabricated house?" The decisive argument for expensive or cheap land prices is the location; the more central the property, the higher the prices per square meter. Of course, the size decides; Let your prefabricated house provider advise you on how big the plot should be for your house.

Tips & Tricks

Even if you've already found the seemingly perfect plot, you should look for comparison items; Often the price differences are immense.

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