Prefabricated or solid house, what is better for a family house?

If you want to build a house, the choice of construction plays an elementary role. In this article, we explain the advantages and disadvantages of prefabricated and solid construction and which of these types is better suited if your project is a detached house.

The prefabricated house - fast and always uncompromising

The prefabricated house has to suffer in many circles under an inferior image: Lack of stability and longevity and clairaudience are mistakes that the modern prefabricated building is long gone. Increasingly better quality and more massiveness are the principles that ensure today's success in the prefabricated construction industry.

You can not wait to move into your new family home? Then the prefabricated house is perfect for you: With a construction time of one to two days, the shell is ready in no time. Although the subsequent interior design takes an average of eight to twelve weeks to complete, the time savings compared to the massive house is still several months.

Prefabricated or solid house, what is better for a family house?: solid

Although the disadvantages of prefabricated house are not very numerous, for many builders but still crucial to opt for the massive variant: This includes the more limited choice of components, so the bottom line is less individuality and the lower resale value due to the aforementioned image.

The massive house - your individual building made of stone

Uninterruptedly popular - the massive house. If you want to personalize your family home and value excellent soundproofing, this is the right choice for you. Together with your architect or your solid house company you design a house that only exists once.

In addition, it offers a better resale value than the prefabricated house. To the costs in general applies: Massive houses are relatively expensive, since they require a higher expenditure than a prefabricated house. Nevertheless, growing individuality and massiveness in the prefabricated construction industry mean that prices are higher; the difference can be very small in some cases.

It depends on you

Basically, there is no "right" and "wrong". When choosing between the types of construction, it depends entirely on the builders: If the personal design is not so important, you make a good choice with the prefabricated house: Again, the selection is great, also, the structure is not as tedious as the massive house.

If you want to buy or rent an already finished family house, it is important to examine the condition in the first place: Construction errors or defects such as mold or leaks can occur equally in both types. While some prefabricated houses are particularly stable, solid houses can also be unstable.

Tips & Tricks

Find out about both prefabricated house providers and various providers of massive houses to get an overview of pricing and design options. In order to gain experience from other builders, the Internet with its high amount of information is the right place.

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