Laying finished parquet - product information and instructions

Laying finished parquet - product information and instructions: product

Prefabricated parquet consists of the three layers of under, middle and noble wood, Around Glued 90° offset, they give stability, dimensional accuracy and can be laid by any ambitious handyman himself.

Important is the properly prepared underground, It should be clean, dry and without major bumps. This is followed by a vapor barrier and footfall sound insulation or a combination of both.

By the well-known from laminate Loc or click construction is laying without glue possible and a finished end result is reached quickly. Unlike solid parquet, parquet does not need to be sanded off and coated or oiled.

If all details of a professional installation are considered, you have many years of enjoyment of its real wood floor.

Plank types and room effect

Terms like Ship floor and plank mark to which plank type it is about.

At a shipdeck, also called 3- bar parquet, lie 3 friezes side by side and offset on a hallway, which creates a livelier spatial effect than the plank with a quieter surface effect.

at Planks, also called 1- or 2-bar parquet, are lying on a hallway one to two wooden friezes with or without offset.

The specification 1-, 2- or 3-bar specifies as many wooden boards or pieces side by side on a piece of parquet are. In order to give a calm overall picture, 1- or 2-bar parquet should be used for larger rooms.

Sorting and pricing

In addition to wood species and plank type also plays the Sorting an important role in the spatial effect and not least in the price.

A Select sorting includes for example only selected woods with a regular grain and the slightest variations in color and structure.

A Nature sorting points against it Irregularities in the grain as well as variations in color and structure on. As a result, a wooden floor with select sorting has a high price structure.

surface species

Prefabricated parquet is in the Most cases sealed with varnish or already factory oiled surface available. Both Surfaces are UV-curedto achieve higher resistance and easy care.

No matter which surface type you choose, both have the goal, the To protect surface against stress, are solvent-free and can be sanded and re-treated after years of use, depending on the wear layer thickness.

Note on laying Loc and Click parquet

Prefabricated parquet with Loc or Click connection does not need to be glued. The orientation guide of click laminate therefore helps as orientation

installation direction

Laying finished parquet - product information and instructions: instructions

Cross-laid parquet lets narrow rooms appear larger.

The laying direction is influenced by several factors and is by no means compulsory. It Decide the personal taste as well as spatial events.


In order to create as little shade at the joints, parquet, as well as laminate, long time to the light or other light sources laid.

Do several walls have windows, decides the size of the windows or the course of the sun and the associated amount of light.

Spatial events

In addition to exposure to light, the Spatial distribution the laying direction influence. Especially in narrow spaces, it should rather be directed. As shown in the example image, long corridors appear wider and thus larger when laid horizontally.

Comfort and facilities

The question of personal taste should make the final decision. For in addition to all other influences, the feel-good factor is also crucial. For many people, a room is more inviting if they are not virtually braked by parquet installed across the door. Also the general running direction in the room can be crucial to be for the overall impression.

Laying finished parquet - work steps

Laying finished parquet - product information and instructions: finished

Before parquet can be laid, the should Underground embarrassingly cleaned and optimally sucked become. After vapor barrier, which is carefully sealed and glued together, follows the sound insulation.

To avoid strong warping of the parquet, it is recommended that this already two days before in open packaging store in the appropriate room.

The first row is glued together and with Spacer wedges on the wall aligned. It is important to ensure that everywhere the expansion joint is maintained. The last piece is now flush with a pull bar. For safety should also the Side clearance secured with wedges become.

Laying finished parquet - product information and instructions: instructions

The right distance to the wall is always with two wedges on top of each other set. So different dimensions can be used and it results in a straight contact surface.

After the first row, the second with the remnant of the first began. If this is too small and can not attach safely, a new board, divided in the middle, forms a better base.

Piece by piece glue the individual boards together. Important is one regular controll, whether by the collapse of other boards, not the first again solved.

Laying finished parquet - product information and instructions: product

If the first three rows are laid, a longer break is advantageous. In time, the Glue dry and the first boards safely connect. This results in a straight and solid contact surface on which the rest of the parquet can be safely laid.

Are all rows misplaced, the remaining distance to the wall measured and the last boards with about 10mm less sawed.

If the room or the wall is not straight or very uneven, it helps to lay last pieces before their later placeto measure the distance to the wall at the beginning and end of each board and transfer it with 10mm less to the back of the parquet. This results in a uniform expansion joint everywhere.

After removing all spacer wedges, the Baseboards and transition profiles attached become.

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