Breeding a fir-tree - how does it work?

The need for Christmas trees is huge - and every year you need your own. Reason enough, then, to deal with the breeding of fir trees in more detail. Our contribution does that and reveals everything you need to know.

Breeding a Christmas tree yourself

A fir tree as a Christmas tree is part of the festival. If you do not want to buy a new tree every year, you can also plant one. This is best done outdoors, in a free space in the garden.

In order to bring the tree into the house, it must be dug out at Christmas and planted in a pot. In this way you can keep it in the house for about a week (maximum 10 days), and later plant it again in the garden, where it continues to grow for the rest of the year.

The planting is quite unproblematic when using a high quality seedling from the nursery. The seed culture, on the other hand, requires a lot of skill and knowledge - this is not recommended for beginners.

For planting, you only need to dig a sufficiently large hole at a suitable place so that the seedling has enough space. It is best to plant in spring or autumn, but make sure that the day is frost-free. Then cast in slightly after insertion.

Christmas Tree Shop

In Germany alone, between 25 and 30 million Christmas trees are purchased each year. The trend is increasingly towards regional trees (instead of foreign monocultures) and trees that are planted sustainably.

This also offers a potential for someone who wants to trade with Christmas trees. Also regionally one can earn good money with it. Up to 25 EUR per meter are often paid for by Nordmann firs when the tree has grown nicely.

High expertise and a shaken level of experience are essential for the rearing. Add to that the heavy workload - a Christmas tree plantation keeps you busy all year round. Even professionals have to spend around 80 man hours per year on each hectare of plantation. The growth time at Nordmann fir is usually 9-10 years, with about 30% failures you have to calculate in any case.

Tips & Tricks

You can also rent potted Christmas trees. When potted Christmas tree there is a lot to consider, if you want to reuse it later. This does not work with all trees.

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