Fire protection for a safe Easter fire

Easter custom and tradition - but without accidents

Fire protection for a safe Easter fire: safe

In Germany is the Tradition of the Easter Fire fest anchored. In Southern Germany it is also called Jaudu or Jaudusfeuer designated. The beginnings of the custom are to protect the germinating seeds from evil spirits and to drive off the winter.

Today, Easter bonfires serve that social gathering and are also organized by kindergartens or elementary schools. In addition to the meter high piled burning wood is grilled in many places, as well as beer and mulled wine served.

Part of this Tradition is the torchlight procession, Here, larger groups set off together to hike to the fireplace - for example, from kindergarten or primary school.

Redeploy the easter fire before lighting

If the wood is already stacked in autumn or a few weeks before Easter, use numerous animals, like birds, hedgehogs or other small mammals it as Cover, habitation and nesting site.

In order to prevent these animals from burning in the Easter fire, it is important that Completely redeploy wood, The animals are thereby scared and leave the woodpile.

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