Fire protection - important measure in the conservatory

Anyone who wants to build a winter garden on a terraced house or close to the property boundary today has to contend with the state building regulations in many federal states. Here now building walls are required, which must not be broken through windows.

New standards for fire protection

Buildings less than 2.50 meters from the neighboring property or a terraced house can no longer be built using simple glass.

The really unpleasant, especially for a conservatory, is the fact that the fire walls must not be broken by any windows or doors.

Fire resistance class for glass

Anyone who still wants to install glass in the fire walls, must usually install glass with the fire resistance class F 90. That is, this glazing withstands fire for 90 minutes. Not only is this expensive, but it is often difficult to design because this glass is heavier.

Grandfathering for approved conservatories

Here comes the happy moment in which a builder who has taken the trouble to apply for a building permit, is in the lead. Conservatories that do not meet the current standard of fire safety have a grandfathering protection if they were built with a building permit.

Beware of changes or conversions

If you buy a house where a winter garden has already been built and rebuilt, you may be able to destroy the original building permit. After all, a fire barrier can not be recognized at first glance.

It is therefore important for every break through existing exterior walls to inquire in advance about the conditions for fire protection. This applies not only to the winter garden, but to all external walls of the house.

Important aspects of fire protection in the conservatory

  • Distance of the conservatory from the property boundary
  • Type of settlement / development plan
  • townhouse
  • no breakthrough in a fire wall
  • substitute glass of a particular prescribed
  • Fire rating

Tips & Tricks

So far, only some federal states have a stricter fire protection ordinance for conservatories. However, these provisions make planning permission even more important. However, if you have built a conservatory without a building permit, it will be difficult to meet these requirements afterwards to legalize the conservatory.

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