Fire safety window - prices and important points

Fire protection windows must prevent the outbreak of a fire or contain the fire. Therefore, these windows must be able to withstand a predefined period of heat and flame. The fire protection windows are divided into different fire protection classes. Which prices are called for, we show here.

Fire prevention classes

The simplest version of fire-resistant glass is given in the fire resistance class G. It usually consists of a simple disc with wire insert. Although this glass protects against fire, but not from the heat. Therefore, flammable objects can ignite in the next room.

Fire protection class F

However, the fire resistance class F also withstands heat. Thus, the spread of a fire is prevented by heat as well as a breaking of the glass. The number behind the F indicates how long the disc can last in a fire. In class F, double glazing is usually used, which is covered in the space between the panes with certain heat-dissipating foils. Even water-containing gel fillings or so-called water glass is used between the panes as heat protection.

Resistance class F

In private houses, more than one fire resistance class F will rarely be required. However, this is not considered fire resistant, but only as fire retardant.

  • Fire resistance class F30 - fire retardant
  • Fire resistance class F60 - high fire retardant
  • Fire resistance class F90 - fire resistant
  • Fire resistance class F120 - fire resistant
  • Fire resistance class F180 - fire resistant

Prices for fire protection windows

Since these windows are not so often used by private individuals, the number of providers is somewhat limited. Here are some examples of price for fire protection windows with class F30, which are installed with a sheet steel profile directly into existing wall openings. The dimensions are given in width x height.

  • 100 x 100 centimeters - 800 EUR
  • 100 x 140 centimeters - 1.280 EUR
  • 140 x 100 centimeters - 1,050 EUR
  • 140 x 140 centimeters - 1,600 EUR

Tips & Tricks

These examples are selected "only" from the lowest fire protection class F30. With a higher fire protection class, such as the F90 class, you have to expect much higher prices of 2,000 to 2,500 euros per square meter of glass. Often it is therefore not worthwhile, especially in a private home, to include windows in a fire wall.

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