Renovate fireplace

A broken fireplace smells unpleasant and can be a health hazard. Therefore, the fireplace needs urgent redevelopment if it is damaged. But even if a new heating system is installed, a comprehensive Kaminsanierung is often due.

Why does the fireplace need to be renovated?

Various reasons can cause the fireplace to be renovated. This is often not only a cosmetic problem, but a broken, damaged fireplace can cause mortal danger to the residents.

While a sooting in the first step leaves only an unpleasant odor and ugly greasy brown marks on the outside of the chimney, cracks are a great danger to the inhabitants.

But you should not take the sooting on the light side, because the collected tar can one day catch fire. Although a chimney fire does not necessarily destroy the entire house, who wants to try it?

  • Fireplace marshy and damp
  • Fireplace dilapidated
  • new heating system
  • Fireplace unsightly, odor
  • Fireplace no longer allowed - wrong average

Renovate or rebuild

A renovation can be carried out with most variants in a few hours. One of the biggest advantages of a refurbishment compared to a new building is, of course, besides the price, the extremely low development of dirt.

In a few cases, a renovation is not recommended. This is especially the case when the stones of the chimney have already become deeply saturated with Sott. This would hit again and again.

If brownish damp streaks already appear in the lower living areas on the outside of the chimney, it can be assumed that a renovation will save the chimney, but will not reduce the unpleasant odor.

The odor nuisance and the penetration of the moist patches will later intensify even more. This is caused by the lack of heat that prevails after the renovation in the chimney.

If you have or want to remove the old chimney altogether, there are several practical ways to build a new chimney. The prices are for a self-assembled fireplace. Of course, the demolition of the old fireplace would also have to be carried out at these price ranges.

  • double-walled stainless steel chimney outside - 4 to 6 meters from about 400 euros
  • Lightweight chimney - inside - 5 meters from about 1200 Euro
  • Fireplace chimney - inside - 6 meters from 800 euros

Variants of the renovation

The renovation of a fireplace can be carried out in almost all cases quite easily. However, you should always consult with the local chimney sweep before a measure and follow his recommendations if possible.

Although we have been able to give approximate values ​​for the price of refurbishment work, these can vary greatly from region to region. Experience has shown that in the north and east, on average, they are cheaper than in the south, for example. At the same time, the situation is decisive.

  • Stainless steel tube - about eight to ten meters - from 250 euros complete
  • Double-walled stainless steel - about four to six meters - from 400 euros
  • Ceramic piping - about four meters - from 600 euros
  • Plastic pipe - with the various inspection openings usually around 100 euros
  • Spinning - depending on material requirements very different - about 100 €
  • (Burnout) - depending on the length of the chimney - usually less than 100 euros

Special cases restrict selection

There are so-called towed fireplaces or chimneys in old houses. This means that the fireplace is not straight up, but at an angle in the attic or in one of the upper floors.

Another variant of a drawn fireplace is the Y-chimney. Actually, it is of course mostly an inverted Y, because it come from two different rooms, the chimneys to one together.

These two fireplace types limit the choice of renovation very. If a pipe is to be drawn in for central heating, the other chimney may not be used for a stove, for example in the case of the second chimney.

Of course, there are also pipes and systems for these special cases to refurbish the chimney. For example, a flexible steel pipe makes installation in a drawn chimney quite easy. However, it is not suitable for the operation of a stove.

The renovation measures in detail

Not every pipe and every type of renovation is suitable for your own fireplace. The easiest way is to get a new heater that runs at a very low exhaust temperature. Here are the cheapest variants of plastic or single-walled stainless steel.

Then the chimney usually has to get a smaller diameter due to the renovation. Due to the reduced exhaust gas temperature, the fireplace can no longer dry and penetrating moisture, as well as the moist exhaust air from the heater damage the chimney.

The fireplace would get wet and the Sott, which has accumulated over the years, then beats through, so to speak. That is, he makes on the outside as a greasy brown film noticeable that smells very unpleasant.

Feeding stainless steel pipe into the chimney

A simple stainless steel pipe is one of the simplest variants when using a new heating system. It is usually not allowed inside the house for the operation of a stove. However, for a heater that operates at a low temperature, the single-walled stainless steel tube is ideal.

double-walled stainless steel chimney insert

Anyone who moves into a dilapidated brick chimney, a double-walled stainless steel pipe, then use this fireplace for a stove. For a heating system, however, this would be a waste, because of course, the double-walled stainless steel use is more expensive.

ceramic piping

In order to feed a ceramic tube into an old chimney, its diameter must be quite generous. Otherwise, for a stove, for example, the average of the fireplace is often too low. In addition, the refurbishment with a ceramic tube is often disproportionately expensive in contrast to the lighter stainless steel tube.

If the inner protective layer of the ceramic tube is damaged later or already during installation, the stove will soon be resorbed. This happens especially when the exhaust gas temperature is not high enough or is often heated in a stove with slightly damp wood.

Costly and not perfect

Only a few suppliers who are renovating the fireplace offer a new ceramic fire pipe. Usually only complete, massive fireplaces are offered. In this version, a concrete cover is pulled around the pipe. This can be easily and quickly pulled up a complete chimney.

Pull in plastic tube

A plastic pipe is only drawn in with certain new heating systems. Applications are heaters that hardly develop exhaust gas temperature and have a strong evolution of condensation.

But those who have the opportunity to choose this particularly favorable option because of the nature of the new heater can not only be happy financially. The plastic tube holds in this position so to speak for eternity.

The plastic pipe does not become brittle due to solar radiation and the moisture expelled with the exhaust air can not damage this pipe. So this is the cheapest form of the fireplace renovation, if you get a new heater.

Hurling the chimney

One of the easiest ways to rehabilitate a chimney is to spin it out. In the process, a specialist company throws a special concrete mix onto the inside of the chimney. This variant is suitable for a fireplace affected only slightly by Sott, which has not yet formed any cracks.

Throwing out the chimney, however, only helps if the exhaust gas temperature is not lowered by a new heating system. For the use of a stove on an older chimney, the method is cheap and usually without much dirt development in the rooms to realize.

Burning out of the fireplace

It is still practiced and still there are serious accidents, the burning out of a chimney. We have therefore bracketed it as a refurbishment method, to discourage it.

In the case of funneled chimneys, this method burns down the tar that has accumulated in the chimney. So this should simulate a controlled chimney fire.

Dangerous action with little benefit

But as with a real chimney fire, you can never predict exactly how much tar is really there and how dry it is. But that affects the fire, which can quickly get out of control.

If at all, this measure for the renovation of the fireplace should only be carried out by experienced professionals and with the involvement of the fire brigade. Better is always a retracted pipe or a brand new fireplace.

Tips & Tricks

First ask your chimney sweep. He can not only recommend which variant is future-proof and cheap. He also arranges various companies that have already successfully completed this work.

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