Cutting firewood - that's the way it works best

Not everyone buys their firewood by the wayside - for many, the heat of the stove's battle with the saw stands in front of the heat of the stove. Which saws are best suited for sawing logs and other wood in firewood, and what you should think about when buying a saw, is highlighted in this article.

Circular saw or seesaw?

If there is already a circular saw in the house, in most cases you will probably resort to chopping larger quantities of wood.

However, if you consider the new purchase of a saw, you should wear the idea of ​​a seesaw. It offers several advantages compared to the classic table saw:

  • working with the saw is significantly safer
  • Large pieces of wood can usually be heaved on the high circular saw table only with great effort
  • the seesaw is much more mobile
  • For high-quality equipment, the intersection of the saw is significantly larger than the table saw
  • it is often possible to cut different pieces of wood at the same time (for example, thinner trunk and several branches)
  • Cutting to a certain length is often easier with the jig saw

The initial cost of a high-quality whip saw are approximately in the range of the cost of a good table saw. However, some models - for smaller intersections - are in many cases significantly cheaper. Qualitatively quite good, albeit less powerful whipping saws are already available from around 200 EUR to buy.

Firewood make with the chainsaw

For very small quantities (such as for the stove in the living room), you can also fall back on an ordinary chainsaw. As a rule, it is also quite easy to cut through logs, for quick and easy cutting, there are so-called cutters as accessories.

In any case, you should use a stable sawhorse. You can also build a sawhorse yourself, but shaky and less sturdy constructions are strongly discouraged here.

Tips & Tricks

When working with chainsaws, it is essential to ensure sufficient occupational safety and to be familiar with the proper use of chain saws. You can learn this in a chainsaw course ("chainsaw course for self-recruiters" or "chainsaw driver's license" in the hardware store or in forestry schools). Such courses are definitely recommended for anyone who wants to work with a chainsaw.

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