Stack firewood correctly

A stack of wood at the house gives stove and fireplace owners the good feeling of having taken care of the coming heating periods. In order to preserve the wood quality and the highest possible calorific value, the firewood has to be stacked according to certain criteria.

Before stacking

Dryness is the most important condition for firewood, which achieves good calorific values ​​in the kiln and chimney. Before stacking, the wood is sawn and split as close as possible to the oven and correspondingly small. This increases the overall surface of the wood and it can dry out faster. Firewood dealers often dry firewood in industrial drying chambers. In private storage, your firewood will dry by about 20 percent within six to twelve months.

Create firewood supply

Firewood should be stored for about two years before heating. For storage, a pile of wood is traditionally built. Outside, you need a sunny and well-ventilated space for the woodpile. It should be on the west or south side of your home. If the wood is stored on a wall, leave at least ten centimeters between the wood stack and the wall for sufficient air circulation. If possible, only stack already split wood to promote drying.

Instructions - explained step by step

Stacking firewood properly is not difficult. First lay out a dry surface with round timbers or pallets. Keep a distance of at least 15 centimeters between the ground and the first layer of wood. Lay up the wood in the cross pile. With this technique, you stack the wood crosswise without interlayer. If bark is still on the wood, it must point downwards. The sides of the stack should be free to ensure air circulation from the sides as well. In bad weather, protect the woodpile with a tarpaulin from rain.

Common mistakes when stacking

  • Stack on the north side of the house
  • Stack in damp cellar rooms
  • Plastic foil as a base that forms moisture
  • Stack is wrapped all around in protective foil and stands in humid climates
  • Danger of collapse due to haphazard and overstaffing

Care that pays

A decent pile of wood can be a real eye-catcher at the house. The effort pays off, if with the well-dried logs for a whole heating period long for pleasant warmth can be provided. Firewood may also be stored in cellars or other less well ventilated areas. Then the wood must already be absolutely dry.

Tips & Tricks

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