First alternative to conventional clay roof tiles - sheet metal roof panels

Steel sheets are extremely stable, have a low weight and the material price is moderate. Profiled sheets, for example, in trapezoidal shape are mainly used as facade cladding, as roofing plates products made of sheet metal are usually used as roof tile profiles.

Prefabricated roof tile modules

The usual form of roof tiles has been proven in ancient times as a durable, weather-resistant and water drainage favoring roofing. The basic principle of the design is also maintained in roof tiles made of sheet metal in the shape of a roof tile.

Roof tiles made of clay or stone are heavy and can only be laid one by one. The products made of sheet metal weigh only a fraction of the same mechanical function and damage due to breakage is excluded.

Most manufacturers offer modules with already assembled sheet metal roof panels. They are offered in different quantities. Standard sizes are five to six pans side by side and six rows one above the other.

Due to the already assembled roof panels, the assembly speeds up a lot and the accompanying labor costs are lower than with individually laid roof tiles.

Corrosion protection and properties

Sheets made of sheet metal are produced both from untreated metal sheets as well as in plastic-coated variants and with corrosion protection such as galvanizing.

  • A common sheath plastic is polyester, which is at the same time the colorant for the roof panels in addition to the protection against corrosion.
  • Aluzinc coatings are applied to the sheet surfaces and cut edges. In the case of subsequent cutting, the cut edges must be aftertreated,
  • Despite its low weight and thin material thickness, breakthrough is almost impossible.
  • The surfaces of the roof sheets made of sheet metal with polyester coating are almost maintenance-free, since contamination of moss and algae does not stick.

Tin dealers and price examples

  • has five product lines, each with almost fifty colors.
  • offers roof panels made of flat sheet metal, corrugated sheet metal and pan plates to choose from.
  • offers roof panels with a polyurethane coating applied on one side, which dampens rainy noise.

Sheet metal trapezoidal or corrugated sheets are offered from five euros per square meter, with sound-absorbing coating from around twenty euros and as pan plates from around twelve euros.

Tips & Tricks

For the installation of most sheet metal roof panels, most manufacturers give a minimum inclination angle of the roof of seven or eight degrees.

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