First own apartement

Are you starting a new education or studying and need to change city? Or you want to gain independence and unbind yourself from your parents? Then the first own apartment offers an optimal opportunity. Above all, a move to the first home is also a great adventure, in which one should not fall completely unprepared. That's why we give you helpful tips and hintswhich will help you to make the move to your first home as smooth as possible.

Renovate your own apartment

Between the conclusion of the contract and the actual move is an important step: the first own apartment wants to be renovated, You will rarely find the case that you just have to paint a little before you can move into the apartment. And because this is your first home, you can assume that you are doing such work as wallpapering or floor laying for the first time. So that you do not have to start completely unsuspecting, we give you many helpful hintshow you can best accomplish such work.


Before wallpapering you have to mostly remove old wallpaperbefore you can install the new wallpaper. Therefore, you should first clarify how to remove old wallpaper clean and easy. Then you have to deal with the following questions:

  • Which is the right paste?
  • How many wallpaper rolls do I actually need?
  • And which wallpapering tool do I need?

There are also plenty of problem areas in apartments. Therefore, you should know how the wallpapering on sockets and switches, wallpapering on windows and door as well as wallpapering on sloping roofs and arches proceeds. This makes perfect wallpapering easy.

Lay floor covering

After the wall has been redesigned, you can renew the flooring. An inexpensive, yet beautiful and durable variant laminate.Laying laminate is also very easy. If you want to have it a little warmer under your feet, you can also lay carpet. If you need a floor covering that is easy to clean, it is well-laid with PVC flooring. No matter which flooring you choose, one thing must never be missing, so that the renewal of the floor is complete: Lay baseboards and attach.

Renovate bathroom

Expect to find bathrooms in some apartments that have been around for several years and whose tiles do not necessarily meet the modern bathroom decor. Some can live with it, others want to replace the tiles. A technique that you may also need very well in the kitchen. It is not absolutely necessary to remove all old tiles. You can also Lay tile on tile, Distinguish the laying of tiles on the floor, and lay the tiles on the wall. You must also bear in mind that you are laying tiles in the bathroom in the wet area. And always use one Joint cross and tile cross.

Smaller works

Anyone who thinks of laying on a floor and decorating when renovating, forgets the many small jobs that also want to be done. It can e.g. happen that one Drainpipe clogged is, and you have to clean the drainpipe. Or you take over the flooring from the previous tenant, but finds it smaller quirks. Then you should know how the Repair of carpet and PVC or even the Laminate repair right. One should know as well as one Remove mold in kitchen joints and mold in the refrigerator can. Maybe you have to Install doors, In addition, you will often have to hang things or want. You should know how to do that Fix the dowels in the wall and ceiling can.

Tips and tricks for the first own apartment

Who is the first time in the adventure "first own apartement" crashes, has to pay attention to something that probably did not interest him before. In the following, we give a small overview of what costs arise, how to proceed when looking for a flat, how to conclude a contract and how to move, and how to save a little money by saving tips.


  • rental fee = Cold rent (KM) + utilities (NK) The additional costs include: heating, water, garbage
  • Electricity is billed via the municipal utility / Use our rate calculator below in the article to find the cheapest provider for you
  • Phone: Telekom offers benefits under the social tariff. You have to take care of the connection yourself.
  • GEZ fees: Under certain circumstances one can be freed from it. After being reported to the registration office, the GEZ announces itself shortly thereafter.
  • Insurance: This includes health, liability and home insurance. As long as you are in an apprenticeship (school, education, study) you are usually insured by the parents. Nevertheless, inform with appropriate insurance, because the regulations are different!
  • Cost of living: Do not underestimate! The fridge is no longer filled by the parents. In addition to food also want toilet paper, light bulbs and more. get paid.
  • You can apply for housing allowance, unless you receive a BAFÖG or vocational training allowance (BAB). The exact rules can be obtained from the Social Welfare Office.

  • Create a list, which criteria the apartment must meet (balcony, 3 rooms, garden, cellar, built-in kitchen, etc.)
  • Finding the perfect apartment is difficult; think beforehand about which compromises you would make, but at the same time, which definitely should not be missing
  • Usual procedure: Look for offers on public bulletin boards, on the Internet or in newspapers - call, present and arrange an appointment for a visit - visit the apartment and get an impression


  • Read the contract carefully BEFORE signing
  • In case of doubt ask the landlord; otherwise ask permission to take the contract home and check it again
  • In the lease belong in any case
    • Description of the rental property and time
    • Ruling on the right of termination
    • rent payment
    • Maintenance of the apartment
  • When concluding a contract, you usually get a house rules
  • Deposit: is usually paid in cash to the landlord, who sets up a deposit account - may NOT exceed three rents - will pay back when moving interest


  • Defects: Address BEFORE, so they are fixed - mostly landlord thing
  • Except: "To be maintained and repaired by the tenant" e.g. Windows, doors and locks
  • Check everything for its functionality (outflow, hot and cold water, etc.)
  • Electricity, water and heating meters are read
  • A handover protocol will be kept and signed by all - if the landlord does not do this yourself, take care of it yourself and insist on its signature; it is your right; Otherwise not logged defects can be charged to you!
  • After that the final handover can be done - you get the key and the apartment is yours

Moving to the first own apartment

  • Good organization is the most important
  • Many people organize, then it gets easier
  • Have people with them who can carry heavy things too
  • Rent a car or have a friend help you to make important trips (hardware store, furniture, pick up washing machine, etc.)
  • Obtain or borrow important tools - especially important: drill, hammer, pliers, nails, dowels, etc.
  • Get delivery van for bulky parts

Do registrations

  • Sign in: At the latest two weeks after you have moved, you must report to the registration office and indicate the new residence there. Otherwise, fines will be applied. To register you need a registration form (is on the office before) and the identity card.
  • Phone: Find a provider that suits you and take care of the registration in good time, in order to have your telephone and Internet available at the time of moving in or shortly thereafter.
  • Watch TV: Free variants are a satellite connection (important: Look in the contract or ask the landlord, if a satellite dish may be attached to the house) or a DVBT connection, for which you only need an antenna (also in this case, if the antenna outside is attached) eg on the roof, an antenna socket and a receiver need.
  • Electricity: Find a suitable electricity supplier and log in there to get power - so you do not overpay, use our tariff calculator at the end of the article

Saving tips for the first own apartment

  • Budget book to know the exact inputs and outputs
  • As a result, you realize what you spend too much on and what you can save on
  • Bills are issued less often than small change - save the change in a money box and treat yourself to the money collected something

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