Fish in the garden pond - So the pond is ideal for fish like the Koi

Garden pond trend - fish diversity as in the aquarium

Varied fish diversity, as has long been the norm in many aquariums, is also becoming more and more popular for garden ponds. In addition to the well-tried such as goldfish or koi, there are a number of fish that work well together. Often they are at home in very different heights or depths of the pond and thus do not hinder themselves in their habitats. Some examples:

Bitterlings, are particularly interesting because of their spawning behavior: They lay their spawn in painter or pond mussels, where the offspring then ripens until it swarms. Most of the year, the back of the bitterlings is gray-green in color.

Moderlieschen keep it different with the reproduction: The female lays his eggs on vertical plant stems. Moderlieschen are about 6 to 8 cm tall, very sociable and iridescent golden blue silver.

Minnows are yellow-brownish fish with very small scales. Minnows are between 9 and 14 cm tall. Since they are mainly based on the water surface, they are easy to observe.

Bitterlings, Moderlieschen and Elritzen are shoaling fish that should preferably be kept in a group of at least six individuals. More information about which fish fit together well and important tips for care, there is the pet shop.

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