Dismantle fitted kitchen - that's the way it works

If a kitchen is to be removed or renewed, it must be professionally dismantled. How to do this correctly, and which sequence should be considered when dismantling as possible, you will learn in detail in this post.

kitchen degradation

If a kitchen is dismantled, it should also be made transportable at the same time, since it then either has to be laid or disposed of. In addition, it makes sense to follow a certain order in the dismantling in order to work quickly and without problems.

Below, we provide you with a step-by-step guide.

Professional kitchen dismantling step by step

  • Kitchen for dismantling
  • screwdriver
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • pipe wrench
  • bucket
  • cutter

1. Clear the kitchen

First, you should completely clear the kitchen. Everything that can be removed can be removed immediately. Also remove the shelves and set them aside. If you are unsure if everything will fit again later, number the cabinets and write the numbers on the shelves with a greasy stick.

2. Turn off water and electricity

Turn the angle valves immediately and turn off the main water tap. Turn off the power to the kitchen unit and make sure that all appliances are completely de-energized.

3. Remove electrical appliances

Slide the refrigerator, oven and microwave forward and release the plug. Remove the devices (pay attention to existing brackets) and set them aside. When the oven is connected to the oven, you must first loosen the cable connection between them.

4. Remove the stove

Disconnect the electrical connection of the stove (if necessary, number the cables to know later what is going on) and scratch the seal of the hob with the cutter. Then you can also remove the hob and set aside.

5. Remove the sink

Remove the fitting (instructions can be found here, etc.) and then loosen the mounting brackets of the sink. Remove the drain. Cut the seal of the sink and remove it. Close the angle valves and the drainpipe with protective plugs.

6. Disassemble the worktop

Remove all screws that connect the worktop to the cabinets, lift them off and set them aside.

7. Remove kitchen cabinets

Now you can pull out all kitchen cabinets individually and transport away. Pay attention beforehand to any existing aperture.

Tips & Tricks

Even the closing of electrical appliances and the stove can be dangerous. If you are unsure here, let it be done professionally by an electrician.

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