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  • A flagpole in the front yard or on the house facade can be used in many ways: For festive flagging at city festivals, major sporting events or for private parties.
  • Independent craftsmen and small businesses draw attention to their location with flags and thus facilitate orientation for visitors.
  • Flagpoles can be placed vertically in the ground or mounted on a house wall.

Flagpole comparison 2018: comparison

Flags are festive jewelry in the public space, advertising or expression of a personal enthusiasm. At street parties, houses adorned with flags add to the overall ambience. Craftsmen with their own workshop draw attention to their location with flags on the roadside. Passionate football fans express their love for a club by hoisting a banner with club logo on the flagpole in the garden.

No matter why you want to set up a flag: Only a high-quality flagpole, carefully fastened in solid ground, guarantees that your flagging is permanently preserved and does not blow away at the first strong wind, A flagpole can be so large that it towers over a multi-storey house or so small that you can attach a subtle flag to the house entrance. If only a short notice for a big party flagged, there is also the possibility of a mobile flagpole.

In this guide you will learn which different flagpoles are available, which material is particularly recommended and which models have performed well in a flagpole test. We also explain which flagpole accessories are indispensable and when you need a building permit for your flagpole.

1. The most important flagpole types at a glance

In order to select the right flagpole, some considerations should be made first. If you only want to decorate your house façade for street and city festivals or for major sporting events, you just need one small flag holder made of metal, which you attach to the house facade, Insert the mast of your hanging flag into this holder. Smaller hanging flags are usually inserted with the flagpole diagonally to the wall, larger hanging flags hang down from a horizontal mast.

If you would like to draw attention to your business permanently with a flag or set up flags as permanent jewelery in a central square, to commemorate a cemetery, etc. a stable flagpole, which is firmly anchored in the ground, the ideal choice. Here are several options:

  • The classic flagpole

In this, the flag is pulled up on a rope on the flagpole. The flags are usually rectangular rectangular flags in landscape format such as national flags, the flags of individual states, sports clubs, etc.

  • The flagpole for vertical format flags

For flags in portrait orientation, the long side is attached to the mast. So that the flag does not collapse, it is secured at regular intervals on the flagpole.

  • The boom flagpole

Optimum visibility is guaranteed by a flagpole with boom: In these flagpoles, the flag is attached to the top and bottom of a metal tube. Ideal if you want to permanently draw attention to your business with a flag.

  • Banner flags

For banner flags, a wooden stick is sewn into a short side, and a string is attached to it. The string is hung in the middle of the flagpole. These flags are especially suitable for short-term jewelry and interiors.

2. Stage the flagpole with lighting

If you choose a boom flagpole, you have the option in addition to choose a lighting, Optionally, light bulbs are installed only in the upper boom or above and below, which illuminate your flag in the dark. This has the following advantages:

  • Visibility of your advertising medium in the dark.
  • Contributes to street lighting.
  • Creates additional atmosphere at festivals that last until late at night
  • Increases your electricity costs.
  • Can be perceived by neighbors as a light nuisance.
  • Requires regular replacement of bulbs.

3. Choose the right material for the flagpole

  • The aluminum flagpole is today the best-selling flagpole ever.
  • Since aluminum is very light, an aluminum flagpole can be easily set up and moved as needed.
  • At the same time aluminum is elastic and bends in strong wind, so that the risk of mast breakage or overturning is reduced.
fiberglass reinforced plastic
  • Glass fiber reinforced plastic, short fiberglass, is also very robust, lightweight and durable.
  • A GRP flagpole is well suited wherever the mast is exposed to enormous weather conditions. For example, think of coastal towns where the sea breeze often whistles and salty air adds weight to the mast.
stainless steel
  • High-gloss stainless steel is particularly attractive and representative. A flagpole made of stainless steel is an excellent choice in the front yard or in the driveway of your company.
  • The flagpole made of wood is an indestructible classic in the repertoire. Since wood is less durable weather resistant, you should use wood only for hanging flags that decorate your house facade several times a year.

4. So a flagpole is anchored in the ground

If you want to set up the flagpole in the garden, in the front yard or in the driveway, you must anchor it firmly in the ground.

It is best if they embed the flagpole, For this you need the most important flagpole accessories: one ground socket, These can be ordered together with the desired flagpole. A guide to setting in concrete is usually included. Make sure that you embed the ground socket for the flagpole deep enough that the flagpole has sufficient support in the foundation.

Tip:If you would like to set up the flagpole in your garden or garden, ask your neighbors for permission. You might feel acoustically impaired by the flag fluttering in the wind visually or by the rattle of the flag and the squealing of the flagpole hoisting device. You will enjoy your flag more, even if your neighbors agree with it.

If you do not want to load your lawn with a concrete foundation, you can use a so-called screw-in ground socket: This is simply screwed into the ground. However, it offers less stability for your flagpole. With the screw-in ground socket, a mobile flagpole can easily be changed over. This is convenient for folk festivals and similar events, where the layout of food stalls, stages, children's entertainment, etc. varies every time.

5. What you need to keep in mind when buying a flagpole

Most flagpole manufacturers today offer you practical complete kits. These contain, in addition to the mast itself, a ground sleeve for the flagpole, a hoisting device with rope and a cap for the mast top. You can order these complete sets together with the flags for the flagpole and have all the necessary items at hand.

Tip:As an alternative to the flagpole with inner cable guide, a telescopic flagpole is recommended. These can be varied in height and thus optimally adapted to your needs. A telescopic flagpole can also easily be pushed together during a storm and thus secured.

Choose a flagpole with boom, The boom should have a 360 degree rotatable turret, Only then can the flag move with the wind at any time and remain easily visible. A turret also reduces the risk that your flag will be carried away in strong winds. Also useful is a flagpole tilt mount: this allows you to tip over the flagpole and place it on the ground when a storm is announced.

Beach flags as an advertising medium
Does the building authority not allow you to set up a solid flagpole? Use so-called beach flags to alert you to your home or driveway. Beach flags are cheap advertising mediathat have spread enormously in recent years.

If your flagpole is in the front yard or in the driveway, you should get one Install anti-theft device, With a lock, the flagpole inner cable guide is lockable, so no one can pick up and steal your flag at night from the mast.

6. When does the flagpole need a building permit?

Flagpole comparison 2018: comparison

A flag on the house facade can bring trouble.

The regulations for setting up a flagpole vary from state to state. In general, flagpoles up to 10 meters in height total length are without permit.

If you want to hoist a single Germany flag with not too big diameter in your allotment, nothing should stand in the way of this project. If you would like to set up several flagpoles with a jib, they should be placed twice the distance to the flag plus at least 20 centimeters. This is the only way to ensure that the flags do not interfere with each other, even with large diameters.

The situation is different when it comes to a flagpole advertising your own business: Since this is an outdoor advertising medium, it can be subject to approval - even if it is on your private property. Lock yourself at your local building authority before you set up the flagpole!

Danger:A holder on the house facade for a hanging flag is considered a structural change. If you live in a tenement house, you need the permission of the landlord!

7. Flagpole under test: How to find a good flagpole

Flagpole comparison 2018: comparison

Flagpoles in the wind can be found in many places.

Unfortunately, the Stiftung Warentest has not yet engaged in a flagpole test, so there are no flagpole test winners. If you want to buy a flagpole, you should not only make sure that the flagpole is cheap. Also important is the quality of the material and accessories used, To ensure that you enjoy your flagpole for as long as possible, only high-quality materials such as aluminum (with weather-resistant coating), stainless steel or GRP should be used.

If you would rather use a rustic flagpole made of wood, which fits better into the ambience of your garden, the wood should be impregnated. Store the flagpole in winter and refresh in spring before putting the mast back up.

Compare prices of different flagpole manufacturers, different material types and different sizes, How to find a product that is the best flagpole for you! Renowned manufacturers also have spare parts ready for your flagpole in case a small piece breaks down or the rope on the flagpole gradually frayed.

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