Flagpole - building flagpoles in the garden

Flag - on your own flagpole or your own flagpole

Flagpole - building flagpoles in the garden: garden

At least since the last World Cup in Germany is again like "flag shown". But if you're not in a motorcade with your flag, the question quickly arises whether the purchase of a flagpole or a flagpole is worthwhile, with which you can present the flags in the long term.

For the house wall, there are the flagpole mounts as wall sleeves. But most of the flags are hoisted today in the garden or allotments. For this we recommend flagpoles made of aluminum or wood, the firmly anchored in the garden with a ground socket are. If the flagpole becomes public, consider buying an additional flagpole and flagft anti-theft device. In addition to the firmly anchored flagpoles, some manufacturers also offer mobile flagpoles that can be easily taken along and screwed in or placed.

The flagpole in your own garden

Flagpole - building flagpoles in the garden: flagpoles

In most cases, the construction of a flagpole in the garden requires no building permit, but you should keep a certain minimum distance to the property boundary, In addition, you should be careful not to bother the neighbors by the sound of a not tight enough tensioned cable system.

A decision between Aluminum flagpole or wood flagpole is essentially a matter of taste. The aluminum flagpoles are particularly easy-care and durable. Many manufacturers offer aluminum masts with glossy anodized surfaces that protect against rust in the long term. From time to time, wood poles demand a new coat of paint. For this, wooden flagpoles look more traditional, especially in a cozy gazebo. A turnstile flagpole ensures that the flag is still visible even in complete calm.

If you want to set up a flagpole in your own garden, you can find it in the hardware store or on the internet some cheap DIY kits from about 60 euros. These kits contain all the required components: the actual mast (as a single mast or plug-in system), a ground socket for stable anchoring, a rope tensioning system with rope fittings including Hiss rope and a cap for the mast top.Before installing the flagpole, a solid anchoring is the most important, especially in windy areas. The ground socket must be inserted deep enough and secured with concrete foundation.

Mobile flagpole - also in own construction

A Alternative to concrete in the ground sleeves offer screw-in ground sleeves. However, these are not as stable as a concrete foundation. A true handyman and hobbyist wants to build his flagpole, of course, kompett itself. Meanwhile, there are some building instructions in the network, but in English:

How to Build a Flagpole Mobile flagpole in bucket at eHow

Rotating PVC Flagpole Plans Rotating flagpole for campers made of PVC tubes

Flags and flags for the flagpole

Flagpole - building flagpoles in the garden: flagpoles

The proud new flagpole owner often wonders: What is the difference between flags and flags? In conversational usage, both terms are often used interchangeably. The German Flagship Society e. V., however, clarifies on the internet that flags are "interchangeable" mass products, while a flag in the true sense is a lavishly ornamented one-off.

In addition to the above-mentioned new joy in the German flag, can be in recent years a few more trends and flag styles observe. In the country flags are in addition to the federal flag or the old GDR flag also provincial flags (for example, Bavaria) or the European flag very popular. The front runners among the foreign flags have been the American flag and the Brazilian flag for many years. This is followed by neighboring European countries. Political statements (from the Reichskriegsflagge to the red star) are now more in the background and could possibly affect the neighborly peace in the garden unnecessarily. Thanks to the success of the Pirate Party, however, pirate flags are experiencing a new renaissance. Flags of sports clubs are also timelessly popular.

Make the flag yourself

If the standard flags are too boring, can also design his own flag and have it printed by one of the many commercial suppliers. To do this, the designs must be submitted in a computer-readable format. A real handyman would of course like to make the flag completely himself. The material recommended is a fabric that does not absorb moisture Finally, the homemade flag should flutter happily in the wind, even in rainy weather. Who likes it expensive and noble, therefore, uses genuine silk. For most others, it will be more like a flag cloth made of a plastic fiber such as polyester or nylon. Some manufacturers also offer special fabrics under the name "flag cloth" and "flag fabric" in different pre-dyed colors. The high season of flagpoles is at international football tournaments such as World Championships or European Championships.

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