Flame does not stop at the gas stove - what to do?

If the gas flame goes off again and again after a while, this can have several causes. Which of these are applicable in this case, and what you can do to fix the problem, see this post.

Check gas supply

First, of course, you should check if any gas escapes. You can hear that by the noise. If the noise is very low, or if the flame does not burn evenly in all places after lighting, too little gas supply could be the problem. The burner nozzles may also be clogged.

Ignition protection at the gas stove

Each gas stove has a so-called Zündsicherung. Only when the gas is burning and a certain minimum temperature has been reached, a valve is opened, so that gas continues to flow automatically.

For this reason, you must keep the controller for the hob still a few seconds after lighting. When the flame reaches a certain temperature, it burns on its own.

Problem with burning on

If this does not happen, and the flame goes out even after a long hold of the regulator, it can be assumed that the ignition fuse is most likely to be defective, or possibly only minor damage:

  • it can be dirty or bent
  • it can be worn (every few years you have to renew these ignition pins)
  • the valve that can serve it "hang"
  • it can also be loose connections

In more rare cases, thermal contact elements may be defective. Repairing the igniter pins is easy and cost effective to do by the specialist company - the material price for the igniter pins is relatively low, and the replacement is relatively straightforward, so that a complete replacement can often be done for less than 30 EUR.

Tips & Tricks

Under no circumstances should you carry out or attempt repairs to the gas stove yourself. Any kind of repair or troubleshooting may only be carried out by a specialist company!

Video Board: How to Fix Low Flame on Gas Stove