Flat steel bending in a vice

If you want to bend a piece of flat steel yourself, you can hardly get around the vise and a heavy hammer. Depending on the thickness of the flat steel, you should also heat the steel in order to prevent cracking.

Bending flat steel needs strength

To bend a piece of flat steel in a vice, you need a lot of power. The work can be made easier by using a welding torch to make the bending point glow.

Bending machines for DIY

The simplest bending machines, which can be gotten for the home improvement area, cost starting from approximately 300.00 euro. Certainly nothing that one buys himself to turn now and then a piece of flat steel.

Of course, those who often have to bend such pieces for the semi-professional sector should perhaps first look for a used universal bender.

Bend flat steel step by step

  • flat steel
  • water
  • welding torch
  • Hammer heavy
  • iron tongs
  • vice

1. Marking the bend

Take a close look at the kink, so that the flat iron does not slip too far into the vise during clamping or that the kink will eventually run at an angle.

2. Clamping in the vise

At the point where the flat iron is to be kinked, it must look out of the vise. Tighten the vise tightly.

3. Heat workpiece

It depends on how thick the piece of flat steel is, whether it is absolutely necessary to work with heat. With a flat steel, which is only one millimeter thick, this will not be necessary or even heating with a hot air blower is sufficient.

However, starting at about three millimeters thick, the flat steel has to be easily annealed to achieve a clean bending result.

4. Beat

If the flat steel is heated and glows slightly, you can slowly and carefully hammer it into the desired shape with a hammer. Never try to knock the entire kink into the workpiece at the right angle on the first blow. It would be guaranteed to break or even break.

Tips & Tricks

If you do not want to bend flat steel at right angles, but perhaps round or at a smaller angle, you should go to a blacksmith shop and bend your work piece there. This costs at most a few euros for the coffee and saves a lot of nerves.

Video Board: How to bend flat steel bar